‘FIVE-YEAR-OLD’ spotted dancing at Astroworld festival that claimed eight lives

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A shocking video has surfaced online of a boy believed to be five years old captured attending Travis Scott’s Astroworld festival, where eight people tragically died.

Hundreds were also injured following a crowd surge with more details now emerging about the incident as festival-goers share footage and information from the night.

One video, shared on Twitter, shows a young boy in the crowd, who is allegedly five years old, leaving many people in disbelief at someone so young attending the event.

The footage has since racked up 2.2 million views and over 21,400 likes.

Pictures: The boy in the crowd at the Astroworld Festival

In the clip, the child can be seen sitting on top of a young man’s shoulders as they dance through the crowd while Travis Scott plays.

In her caption, Twitter user Jacqueline wrote: “Everybody asking why a 10 yr old was there when a 5 year old was damn near front n center,” followed by the hashtag #astroworldfestival. [sic]

“The trauma this kid is gonna go thru,” wrote someone else. [sic]

“This generation of parents is worse than the Woodstock era,” another viewer added.

Another bystander at the event commented that it appears the child was in the VIP area: “They were right next to me too but I can say it was in VIP it was still hectic tho.” [sic]

Another festival-goer disagreed on the safety in the VIP section, commenting: “THIS WAS VIP! WE HAD THIS ON LOCK! None of that mosh s**t. One mf tried it we sent him all the way round. I stood there.” [sic]

However, someone else did not agree, adding: “I was in VIP and it was insane. I couldn’t breathe, so this is somewhat false.”

Travis Scott arrived on stage on the first night of the two-day festival at 9pm on Friday (November 5) and greeted 50,000 people who suddenly gathered towards the stage causing mass chaos.

The reason people started to push is unknown but tragically many were compressed against the chest-high bars with multiple deaths.

There have also been allegations that someone was ‘injecting’ others in the crowd with drugs, including a security guard.

According to USA Today, people have described the event as a “complete breakdown in order and security” and as of now, the youngest victim of the tragic incident was aged 14, according to recent reports.

Travis Scott has released a statement regarding the incident.

Jam Press has contacted Astroworld for comment.