‘I’ve slept with 500 men and I want another 500 before I turn 30,’ says 24-year-old model

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A woman has shared her sexual “body count” and revealed that she wants to double it by the time she hits 30.

Everyone’s magic number is different but for the average British person, it is estimated that they will sleep with 9.8 sexual partners during the course of their lifetime, according to website onaverage.co.uk.

For Kazumi Squirts, 24, from Miami, Florida, this number is much higher – with the model having added 500 notches to her bedpost already and she aims to get another 500 before she hits 30.

“Honestly, I lost count after 98 or so,” Kazumi, who shares her sexy escapades on Instagram (@notkazumisworld), told Jam Press.

“I used to write them all down in a secret list, with codes like stars if they were really good or hearts if I grew feelings for them.

“I had a weird life mission to shag a person from every country.

“But I eventually had to delete the list because my ex found it and got furious.”

Kazumi estimates she reached the 500 mark when she was around 21 having attended many sex parties and partaken in orgies.

The model, who earns millions from making sexy content on OnlyFans, has previously revealed she once slept with 50 men in one night after attending a saucy soirée on a first date.

She said: “It wasn’t the first time I’d been to a swingers party or swapped partners.

“I find it empowering to be able to follow my sexual urges.

“I want to remove the stigma around having a high body count, like, who really cares?

“I’m safe, I use protection and I get tested regularly. It’s about having fun.”

Kazumi, who is currently in a polyamorous relationship with a boyfriend, wants to hit the 1,000 people milestone in the next six years.

And she has big plans to celebrate the day, once it comes.

She said: “I’m well on my way to hitting that number.

“I’m going to plan a huge sex party with all my friends and save the big finale for someone special.

“If it does coincide with my 30th birthday then I want to have video messages from some of the guys playing in the background.

“I don’t care if people think my body count is too high, it’s none of their business.

“The crowd of people I’m into don’t care about that type of stuff and the type of guy I like is someone with sexual and emotional experience who knows what he likes, just like me.

“The type of men who do care about that type of stuff are turned off quickly and we don’t talk!

“I only want to date a man who has slept with a similar number of people.”