Meet the man with ‘WORLD’S LONGEST TONGUE’ – who can lick his ELBOW and dangle it past his CHIN

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A man in India has broken the world record for having the “longest tongue” in the world – measuring in at an impressive 10.8cm.

Twenty-year-old Praveen, from Tamil Nadu, can lick his elbow without being double jointed, can stretch his tongue to touch his nose and can dangle his appendage past his chin.

Praveen proudly displaying his record breaking tongue

His skills are so impressive he can almost touch his eyeball with his tongue  – which is 2.3cm longer than that of an average male adult.

In a video showcasing his tongue talents, Praveen can be seen waggling his organ, stretching it out and bending it to reach different corners of his face.

His tongue was measured from the tip of the extender part to the rear end to score him the title.

Praveen proudly displaying his record breaking tongue

To bag the title, he trumped the previous record holder, Nick Stoeberl, from California, US, by 0.7cm.

Nick had previously held the Guinness World Record for his 10.1cm tongue since 2012, after beating Brit Stephen Taylor’s 9cm record from 2002.