Self-proclaimed WITCH reveals how she used a spell to get a new job – but was branded a ‘satanist’ by a vicar after grandad’s death

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A self-proclaimed witch and medium has revealed that she “spends every day like it’s Halloween” – and her powers have even helped her find a new job.

But Ceryn Rowntree, 38, admits her work does come with some negative comments and she even faced being branded a ‘satanist’ by a vicar after her grandfather died.

For that reason, she looks forward to All Hallows’ Eve because she can talk about the things she loves without the same judgment from others.

“I love the feel of Halloween – it’s said that it’s the time of year where ‘the veils between the world are thinnest’,” Ceryn told Jam Press.

“Not only does that make my job that little bit easier, but it feels very special for other people to feel the ancestors and spirits that I connect with all year.

Ceryn Rowntree in her daily life as a “t-shirt and jeans witch”

“I’ve found a way to make what other people consider to be ‘Halloween energy’ part of my daily life.”

Since Ceryn was very small, she’s been able to see and hear spirits, but it wasn’t until 2006 that she began developing her supernatural skills.

As a practicing witch, Ceryn follows the Moon’s cycles, honours old Pagan celebrations and carries out spells if she’s looking to bring about a change in her life.

Once, when she was feeling stuck at work, she conjured a spell to summon a new job.

She said: “The very next day an old colleague called to tell me that a friend of his had just become CEO in my dream company and needed someone to do exactly the job I was qualified for at the time – I started a month later.

“I do love a good spell! Be that lighting a candle and making a wish or saying a prayer over it, or casting a full circle and undertaking a more complicated ritual to bring about change.”

But it’s not just spells for herself that Ceryn casts. Her work as a therapist means she often mixes rituals and spells into work with her clients too.

She said: “Particularly when it comes to helping them to let go of the past, or invite in more of what they’re working towards in future.”

Now she offers ‘Soul Integration Readings’ to people all over the world via video.

In the sessions, Ceryn taps into guidance and wisdom offered by people’s ancestors, spirit guides and what she calls ‘other supporters in spirit’.

She said: “Over the past few years, so many people have experienced spiritual awakenings, but that can often leave them feeling very lost, alone and uncertain of how to move forwards.

“The readings I offer are about supporting them to integrate those awakenings and giving them the missing pieces to help them move forwards in a place that feels safer and more grounded for them.”

Most people are intrigued by her life as a witch and spiritual medium, however, it comes with criticism too.

When her grandfather died, a vicar came to her grandparent’s house to arrange the funeral.

Ceryn’s proud grandmother mentioned her book about mediumship – she’s written three in all – and the vicar branded her a ‘satanist’.

She said: “She told me I was worshipping demons and should be ashamed of myself.

“She ranted for 10 minutes before ending with a very abrupt: ‘Luckily, I’ll pray for you’.

“My family told her to leave the house immediately and needless to say she had nothing to do with the funeral!”

Most people would expect witches to dress in black floaty dresses and heavy boots, and although Ceryn has a long, black, Morticia Addams-style dress for special rituals, her day-to-day look is more casual.

She said: “I love a maxi dress and some eyeliner, but the goth stereotype couldn’t be further from the truth for me – I’m usually the witch in the t-shirt and jeans!”

Ceryn attended the 2021 Equinox Stone Circle in late September, but her favourite celebration by far is Halloween – so it’s no surprise that she’s found a way to mark it all the way through the year.

She said: “For me Halloween energy means slowing down, tuning out the busy-ness of the outside world and recognising that there is so much more to life we can tune into if only we take the time to listen and connect.

“Halloween is a potent time of year when we can all tap into more of our own inner witches and remember the power we have over our lives and circumstances.

“For me those are both things I tap into each morning with my journal, a cup of tea and the lighting of a candle, but they’re also energies I try to tap into for and with my clients every day.

“Imagine how much less stressful life would be if we all remembered our own power and the wisdom and support that’s available to us every day.

“Halloween feels like a time of year when I can and do really celebrate what is important and sacred to me – while also watching Hocus Pocus on repeat!

“Halloween, or Samhain, is the witches new year, so it always brings a sense of real possibility for me while also feeling extra magical.”

For the past couple of years, Ceryn has spent Halloween in a cabin in the woods with her dog – and will do the same this year.

She said: “I just love that opportunity to really get still and listen to what can be heard when we tune out from all the noise of the world!”