This year’s most hilarious pet photos show DOG at the wheel of a SPEEDBOAT and horse cracking up at a joke

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A couple trying to enjoy a special moment had their thunder stolen by adorable pooch Hugo, who couldn’t resist photobombing their snap.

The hilarious image has been declared one of the world’s best pet pics this year.

Chloe Beck, from Walsall, captured the pic and said: “This is my best friend Faith and her husband Alex and their cheeky Sproodle, Hugo.

“They wanted a photograph to mark a special occasion – her first outing after shielding at home for 14 months – and Hugo jumped into the frame at just the right moment!

“He’s a lockdown pup, so he hasn’t quite gotten used to the excitement of being around other people yet.”

In addition to Hugo trying to steal the limelight, there are plenty of other photos displaying people’s pets’ perfect comedy timing.

One dog is seen channeling her inner dinosaur in a snap titled “Jurassic Bark” as she attempts to get a drink from a spray of water.

While in another, titled “License to Drive”, a pooch called Lucy appears to be making a break for it as she ​​takes the wheel of a speed boat.

And it’s not just dogs that have been captured in varying states of hilarity, plenty of cats, chickens and horses are all featured too.

Katherine Trott from Ystradgynlais, Wales, made it into the top 40 with her snap of beautiful felines Jeff and Jaff, with one crashing the other’s selfie.

One moggy from Fukuoka, Japan showed supermodels everywhere how it’s done with his nonchalant pose.

There are certainly no long faces in the snap by Jakub Gojda, from Czech Republic, who captured his ex-girlfriend sharing a joke with her horse.

Discussing his snap, Jakub wrote: “This photo was taken by accident during the photography of my ex-girlfriend with her beloved mare.

“For this cheerful moment, I thank the fly that sat on the horse’s nose and he instinctively shook his head.

“So it seems that the humor between a horse and a woman is definitely not missing.”

The Pet Comedy Awards has shared the 40 photos and three videos that made it into the finals.

The Awards hope to raise £10,000 ($13,500) to charity Animal Support Angels.

Collated in an online gallery by PetAPixel, the finalists will be judged by a panel including last year’s competition winner, Elke Vogelsang; Amanda Broome, founder and trustee of Animal Support Angels and Dave and Finn, the magic dog act from Britain’s Got Talent.