Man with ‘WORLD’S BIGGEST PENIS’ shares cheeky snap comparing it to a CUCUMBER

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A man who is the unofficial owner of the world’s largest penis has shared a cheeky picture comparing himself to a cucumber.

Jonah Falcon, an actor based in New York, US, has been making headlines for more than two decades after claiming that his penis measures 13.5 inches when erect.

But he proved he has a sense of humour about his eye-wateringly large member, taking to Instagram to share a hilarious snap comparing it to a cucumber.

Pictured: Jonah Falcon’s picture comparing himself to a cucumber.

“I had to have a pic – I’m around the same length but much thicker, I’m my wrist’s thickness,” Jonah told Jam Press.

“The comparison is fairly accurate. I’m a little more than three fists length.

“I just [shared the picture] to be a little cheeky. I’m not trying to compete – I just enjoy using it to make people happy or laugh.”

Pictured: Jonah Falcon.

In the shot, he holds a large cucumber in his hand.

He wrote: “Am a little longer and much, much thicker.”

He shared the snap on Instagram (@jonahfalcon1970) with his 2,400 followers – who were equally cheeky with their responses.

One person commented: “Proof is needed.”

“Let me see it,” another user begged.

Someone else said: “We’re all waiting for the comparison photo.”

“#tease,” added another viewer.

Jonah claims potential love interests treat him differently thanks to his large appendage.

He added: “For one, I attract the sort of partner that prefers my type. I try to avoid jealous lovers.”