Sex expert shares top five tips for how men can best please women – and reveals the ONE THING they always get wrong

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A ‘sexpert’ has shared her top five tips on how men can please women – and has also revealed the one thing they always get wrong.

Ona Artist, 30, from New York, knows a thing or two about sex and exactly what you can do to guarantee your partner gets off – every single time.

“Realistically, it’s a whole spectrum of things required to ensure you’re satisfying your partner’s needs,” Ona, who shares sexy snaps and advice with her 4.5 million Instagram fans (@onaartist), told Jam Press.

“You need to be vigilant of her, take care of her, watch out for her and be solicitous of her needs.

“Make her desires your priority but also you need to be frank and urgent about your own – talking and communication is key to having good sex.

Pictured: Ona Artist

“There are five top tips that always work to get me in the mood and ensure that I have a good time, no matter what’s happened that day.”

Switch off to turn on

Ona said: “Put your phone in a drawer, turn off your laptop, TV, radio, Playstation… Anything that may be distracting to you or your partner.

“Put all your attention on her and really talk to one another.

“There’s nothing sexier than conversation, listening and having that real intimate time to make her feel special.”

Flatter her

Ona said: “I think it’s very important to flatter your partner, not just on how she looks, smells and tastes but show that you’ve taken things she said previously on board.

“Let her know what she does that turns you on, talk about everything, and show a deep interest in having sexy time every day.”

Don’t be afraid of toys

Ona said: “Lots of men can be intimidated by toys as they think it’s taking away from their own sexuality or that women may prefer them.

“Using toys together will only make sex better as it’s a shared bonding experience.

“Have fun trying out different things and don’t be afraid to be silly.

“The more relaxed you are the more at ease she and you will both be.”

Pictured: Ona Artist

Switch things up

Ona said: “While getting into a habit of making time for sex is great, try to avoid it becoming a routine.

“Surprise her with little gifts or tokens, they don’t have to be expensive.

“A sexy text telling her how turned on she made you last night or going all out with some saucy snaps while she’s at work will definitely put a smile on her face and yours.

“It all counts towards foreplay – and don’t be afraid to be lusty and playful and p*rny. It can be fun!”

Know how to turn things around

She said: “If you’re getting down to it and something isn’t working, don’t let it get inside your head.

“Scale things back, go back to stroking, touching, laughing.

“Re-establish the bond of intimacy again and let things evolve from there. You don’t have to have full penetrative sex every time.

“Enjoy a drink (alcohol or not), talk, hold hands, get close, be kind and caring toward each other.

“From there, maybe something sexy occurs.”

The one mistake most men make…

Ona said: “I think men believe that sex just happens, like roll over, take it, and done.

“It’s about conversation, connection, making time for each other, listening, laughing, and being sexy with each other.

“Most importantly it’s about being healthy, happy and serving each other’s interests as well as your own.

“Sex so often gets pushed aside because we’re too busy complaining about work, friends, family or squabbling over little things like who is putting the bins out!”