Mind-blowing futuristic mansion goes on the market – complete with hidden floating DJ table, multi-sensory NFT art gallery and suspended glass floor walkway

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A seven-bedroom property has gone on the market and it’s the perfect home for party lovers, offering plenty of unique features.

The luxurious and futuristic mansion in Bel Air, US, “rivals a seven-star resort” with contemporary designs and extras like a floating DJ table that rises up from the ground, multi-sensory art gallery and tequila bar.

Dubbed Palazzo di Vista, the property also features incredible views of Los Angeles, stretching from San Gabriel Mountains to the Channel Islands.

It was designed by reconstructive surgeon-to-the-stars and real estate developer Dr Alex Khadavi, in collaboration with Ali Rad Design Group.

The home is being sold at a very specific price – $87,777,777 (approximately £63.6 million) due to the owner’s passion for the number seven.

Spread over one acre of land, Palazzo di Vista has seven bedrooms and 11 bathrooms, which includes a master wing with a floating wrap-around deck.

Pictured: The incredible property in Bel Air

There is also a glass-walled wine room, multiple dining venues inside and out, a theatre room big enough to entertain large crowds and even a suspended glass floor walkway.

On the main floor, you’ll find the aforementioned retractable DJ table in the middle of the large living room, which rises up out of the floor via a hydraulic lift.

A glass elevator also sits in a Feng Shui koi pond as large as a swimming pool with a Salvador Dalí clock.

The clock rotates every seven minutes and 47 seconds – the time it takes for nuclear fusion energy to happen on the sun.

One of the most unique features however is the multi-sensory art gallery, with agents claim is the first of its kind.

The collection is worth $7M (£5.9 million) and includes a non-fungible token (NFT) gallery, physical art and a car gallery.

Pieces include artwork by Ghost Girl, Andy Moses, Shane Guffogg and Jimi Gleason.

The NFTs and physical artwork are not included in the listing price but are negotiable.

Meawhile, in the kitchen, residents will have plenty of space and the room even opens up to the outside with two glass walls.

Throughout the entire home, you’ll find carefully selected furniture and custom-made pieces, including a $250,000 (£181,000) custom Terezani chandelier that hangs from the ceiling and weighs 1,400lbs.

There’s also a spa, a gym and even a detached guest house which comes with three bathrooms and its own chef’s kitchen.

Pictured: The incredible property in Bel Air

Outside, you’ll find an infinity pool that coordinates with the home’s music system – meaning swimmers can literally feel the beat.

There’s also an outdoor tequila bar, champagne tasting room and water features that wouldn’t look out of place in Disneyland.

As if that wasn’t enough, you can also find a rotating 3-D laser projector that can cast light in the shape of a rhombus above the pool.

The number seven has been incorporated into the home several times, including in the measurements – and the price.

The property is currently featured in TopTenRealEstateDeals.com.

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