TikTok doctor warns of rare flesh-eating sexually transmitted disease causing ‘beefy red ulcers’ that is ‘spreading in the UK’

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A TikTok doctor has warned of risks of a rare flesh-eating sexually transmitted disease that he says is ‘spreading in the UK’.

The prevalence of donovanosis, a disease that results in “beefy red ulcers” on the patient’s genital or anal area, is rising in the UK, according to NHS doctor Karan Rajan.

Once only regularly found in countries with hot and humid climates such as Brazil, India, and New Guinea, Dr Karan warned his 4.4 million TikTok followers the “terrifying” STD is now being found in UK patients.

Pictured: Dr Karan

In a shocking video that has racked up 113,000 likes in less than a day, Dr Karan, who is also a lecturer at the University of Sunderland, told viewers: “This is what you need to know about a flesh-eating STD that is spreading in the UK.

“This rare sexually transmitted disease causes beefy red ulcers to appear on the genital and anal areas.

“It’s known as donovanosis, it’s usually restricted to more humid climates, Brazil, India, New Guinea but it’s rising in the UK.”

According to data from Public Health England, there were 30 reported cases of donovanosis in 2019, increasing from 19 in 2016, 26 in 2017, and 21 in 2018. The number of cases dipped in 2020 but this could be down to the pandemic and less social mixing.

Dr Karan continued: “This terrifying STD caused by the bacteria Klebsiella granulomatis not only causes bloody sores and ulcers which can get infected but also increases the risk of HIV transmission.”

Pictured: Dr Karan

He advised viewers who believe they have the rare virus to get checked out.

He added: “To find out if you have this to test will involve skin scrapings and a blood test.”

Horrified viewers of the TikTok video took to the comments section writing: “Guess what I’m never having again.”

To which Dr Karan replied: “Beef stew?”

One commenter added: “What a good day to be in a relationship, y’all stay safe though.”

Another person added: “I really don’t like the way beefy was used here.”

One person wrote: “I’m now a nun.”

To which Dr Karan replied: “Stay blessed.”