Woman claims ex and his mum took her out to dinner to convince him to let him CHEAT on her

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A woman revealed the story about the first time she met her ex-boyfriend’s mother – and the bizarre tale has gone viral on TikTok.

In a video posted on the site, Chantel Thorn says her former partner took her out to dinner with his mum and claims they both tried to convince her to let him cheat on her for his birthday.

The clip caught viewers’ eye and has so far garnered 1.4 million views and over 292,000 likes. 

The 23-year-old from Australia, Chantel says that he had been taken into care when he was younger but was reconnecting with her.

When she invited her son to dinner with her and her boyfriend, he asked Chantel to join them. 

Pictured: Chantel Thorn

“I was really supportive of this. I said, ‘You’re getting close with your mum again, that’s so sweet’,” she said in the video.

When they were at dinner, the mother-son duo brought up his upcoming 18th birthday, which would mean he would be legal to drink and go out clubbing with his friends in Australia. 

“I was only 15 at the time and couldn’t go along, so I just congratulated him and hoped he would have fun,” Chantel tells Jam Press.

“They then brought up that because I was under 18 he wouldn’t be able to have the full experience of hooking up with girls at the club. 

“I didn’t really know how to respond to that except to say I would be 18 in a few years but they kept talking about how when you go to the club you should be able to pick up girls and bring them home.”

She thought he was breaking up with her, but apparently, all he wanted was to have her permission to hook up with girls.

She said: “His mum agreed that this was a very reasonable request. I wasn’t okay with it and tried to hold my ground that that would be cheating in my eyes.”

They then tried to negotiate a compromise by suggesting she let him hook up with girls at the club only on his birthday but they then gave up only when they realised she wasn’t going to budge.

The ordeal didn’t end there though. 

Chantel said: “When we went home afterwards, he sort of scolded me for having embarrassed him in front of his mother.”

Pictured: Chantel Thorn

In a follow-up video, Chantel adds that this request was even more amusing because “he was already cheating on me, like a lot. And he continued to cheat on me after this.”

The couple broke up a few months later after she had already caught him cheating a few times, but forgave him and begged him to stay.

She said: “He asked for a no-contact break from each other but promised we would talk again before my 16th birthday. 

“My 16th birthday came and I didn’t receive a message from him, so I sent him a text and he replied to it breaking up with me.”

Chantel says that if such a situation were to arise today, she would laugh and walk away before she even got close to having such a conversation.

However, as she says in the follow-up video that has been viewed close to 70,000 times in a day, she wasn’t in her “girl boss era” then.

She added: “I was in a really horrible place when we started dating and being with him really didn’t help my self-esteem. I had no self-confidence and thought I didn’t deserve to be treated any better.”

While Chantel says that she’s a lot stronger now and is happy with her partner of six years who treats her “like a princess,” her story seems to have resonated with a lot of people.

One user commented: “Girls’ trauma is so underrated. Like we really were out here begging for the bare minimum and being told we didn’t deserve it.”

Many shared similar experiences.

Pictured: A social media user comments

Someone said: “I told his mom he was cheating and she thought it was ok.. Even when her husband had cheated too.”

Someone else added: “Dude! My ex’s mom told him to go éxplore other women’ before committing. He then cheated saying he didn’t want to do it if we got married.”

People also empathised with her when she shared the whole story.

One user said: “Girl you were 15 it’s okay and totally understandable that you weren’t at your biggest girlboss moment you were a child.”

Many also speculated why he wanted permission this time.

Someone said: “He wanted the permission because he was in public and there was more chance of getting caught.”

Another added: “Because in the clubs he would be visible to ppl you may know and could rat him out whereas the other cheating isn’t as visible.” [sic]