Man dubbed “beautiful monster” with piercings and body modifications has inked almost every part of his body – including his eyeballs and the tip of his penis  

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A man who calls himself a “beautiful monster” has inked almost every part of his body, sporting piercings and extreme body modifications – he has even tattooed his eyeballs and the tip of his penis.

Victor Hugo Peralta Rodriguez, 50, was born in Uruguay and now lives in Argentina where he has been working as a tattoo artist for 26 years.

He got his first tattoo at the age of 13, inking the word “f***” in bold letters on his knuckles, and hasn’t stopped tattooing himself since.

Victor has inked around 95% of his body, including his tongue and genitals, has been tattooed by more than 80 skilled tattoo artists around the world.

Pictured: Victor Hugo Peralta Rodriguez a

The artist and his wife, Gaby, even broke the Guinness World Records for being “The most modified married couple on the planet” for three years in a row.

The 50-year-old has undergone 11 subdermal implants – including eyeball tattoos, tongue splits, scarifications, piercings, micro-dermal piercings, metal teeth, a tongue tattoo, ear incisions and a lobe expansion.

Out of all his tattoos, Victor said his favourites are the ones on his face, to which he continues to make additions. With no area untouched, he has even inked the head of his penis.

The most painful experience of his body art was the pigmentation of his tongue, which caused difficulty in breathing for hours.

Victor, who is known as @victor_h_peralta on Instagram, told Jam Press: “My favourite tattoos are the ones on my face, but I have been changing them to feel more comfortable with my aesthetics.

“I tattooed the whole of my face. Today I do not have so many piercings, I had around 40 on the face a long time ago, but my favourite is the septum.

“The most painful tattoos I got were on the head of the penis, the face and ears but they do not compare with the pain of the pigmentation of the tongue.

“It was very painful and difficult to breathe for a few hours.”

Even with his out-of-this-world appearance, Victor’s friends and family are supportive of his appearance and encourage him to express individuality through his body art.

He said: “My friends and family are used to seeing me like this and they like it, they are even aware of my evolutions and they encourage me.

“Logically, there are many people who do not agree with this style of life and criticise me for not understanding the taste of others – those people are generally very old and still have prejudices, and maybe religious people who abuse their faith.

“But I don’t pay attention to them. I am unique, I do not want to look like anyone, they are my ideas and designs executed by friends.

“There are many with tattooed faces and many make their faces like skulls, although those tattoos are beautiful, I am not interested in looking like others.

“Today, I am a beautiful monster.”

Victor and his wife Gaby have travelled to over 20 countries performing body suspension shows with hooks and ropes, captivating crowds all over the world with their daredevil stunts.

They have also been featured in National Geographic’s “Modified Bodies” for their incredible and unique appearances.