‘I’ve made $3M without ever showing my face,’ says OF model who keeps career secret from parents – even excusing herself at family dinners to take snaps in bathroom

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An OnlyFans model who rakes in $3 million a year despite never having shown her face has revealed that she keeps her identity hidden so her parents won’t find out about her saucy side gig.

Bambi Blue, not her real name, from California, US, is in her early 20s and first joined the adult site during the pandemic – also operating under another persona, Daisy Dior.

She’s since seen her career take off; going from earning $100 a month to $250,000 a month, spending her days chatting to men and staring at their penises, with the model rating over “250 dicks a day”. 

The former office worker also loves building relationships with her fans but keeps her extracurricular activities under wraps for fear that her parents will “disown” her.

No one – not friends, exes or family – know about her double life.

“I started in this industry not wanting my parents to know and not wanting my identity exposed,” Bambi, who has 31,300 followers on Instagram (@bambibluehair) told Jam Press.

“I feel like I would be completely disowned if my friends or family found out what I did for work. 

Pictured: Bambi Blue

“While my parents are really strict, I still get along with them well. 

“They think I’m still at the same office job. 

“It’s really convenient that it’s more common to work from home nowadays though, so I don’t have to explain why I’m not commuting to work as much anymore.

“I do worry about them finding out about my career but I’m hoping one day they’ll come around to the idea of it, because it’s such an important part of my life, and it’s inevitably how I’m going to meet my future husband.

“None of my ex-boyfriends or friends know either – I’m good at keeping secrets.”

Leading a double life can be difficult, with the model even having to excuse herself from family dinners to chat to fans.

She said: “You never know when someone will be online to sext so I’ve ended up in a lot of interesting situations.

“I was at a family dinner last week and had to excuse myself to go to the bathroom to chat with a fan.”

She’s also run into people in her own life who follow the model but have no idea it’s her.

Bambi said: “I was once at a friend’s wedding and realised I knew someone else there as a fan on OF but without knowing my face, he didn’t recognise me of course.

“It was actually so hot feeling like I had this little secret relationship that no one else knew about and I almost went up to him to ‘introduce’ myself, but got too nervous about exposing my true identity.”

Pictured: Bambi Blue’s

While Bambi-slash-Daisy’s fans are well-acquainted with her body, they have no idea what her face looks like and she intends to keep it that way –for now, at least.

But some have tried to entice her otherwise.

She said: “I had one fan offer me $5,000 but I declined. 

“Another fan offered to fly me first class to Italy in exchange for a single face picture and I also declined that. 

“I’m waiting for the right moment.”

As for when the model will come clean to her parents, she plans to do so once she’s met the love of her life – because she wants to have an OnlyFans-themed wedding and “there will be no hiding at that point”.

Pictured: Bambi Blue

She added: “Hopefully by then they will have opened up to the idea more.”

The model takes a lot of care in keeping her two characters separate online.

She said: “Bambi Blue, is the ‘real me’ and the other character, Daisy Dior (@daisydior18), is an alter-ego based on my ex-boyfriend’s step-sister.

“It’s a pretty wild story actually; my ex used to make me cosplay as his step-sister in the bedroom and then I slowly opened up to the idea.

“He found it so hot and surprisingly, so did I.”

Although the model is raking in the cash, she doesn’t want to stop at modelling, having recently launched a coaching business to help other women make cash on OnlyFans.

Bambi added: “When the community wins, we all win. I really pride myself on being a community mentor and leader in the industry. 

“Most of my students make around $50,000+ a month – other have made over $100,000 in their first month alone.

“A lot of my spare time goes into teaching. I feel honoured to be part of the process.”