Cat with adorable OVERBITE captures hearts on social media

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A cat with an overbite has been dubbed Instagram’s ‘vampire cat’ – gaining followers thanks to his adorable look. 

Apazieva Olga, 38 from Ekaterinburg, Russia, adopted her two-year-old cat, Mister Guru, from the animal shelter in April 2020. 

Apazieva came across a photo of Mister Guru on the shelter’s website and knew she wanted to take the beloved feline home.

Pictured: Mister Guru aka “Vampire Cat”

Mister Guru was living on the streets with other stray dogs before he was rescued, having to fend for himself.

Thankfully, the feline had a secret weapon to scare others off: his teeth.

Albeit cute, the fangs luckily don’t interfere with eating or drinking.

“I saw a photo of Mister Guru on the shelter’s website and immediately knew that he would be my cat,” Apazieva, who works as an administrator in optics, told Jam Press. 

“I think my cat is incredibly handsome.  

“He has a soft coat, beautiful colour, he has a very good character, my cat is affectionate.  

“And Mister Guru’s teeth are his [best] feature.

“The cat’s teeth do not interfere at all, he eats and drinks like an ordinary cat and it does not affect health.” 

Since being welcomed into his forever home, Mister Guru has become a star, even posing in a red cape with black horns to resemble Dracula.

In another snap, the cat can be seen posing with a colourful bowtie – it’s clearly a favourite accessory as he has several, including a fetching blood red one.

“Very regal looking,” one person wrote. 

“So elegant!” someone else said. 

Mister Guru has also posed as the devil, which left one follower delighted, as they said: “Good morning you scary little devil!! No matter how scary you get your just a handsome little pussy cat to me!!!” [sic]

Pictured: Mister Guru aka “Vampire Cat”

“You can’t take your eyes off this handsome,” added one enamoured follower.

Others simply call the cat “Dracula” or comment with the vampire emoji.

And it seems Mister Guru does like to sink his teeth into humans from time to time, as an old post reveals he “bites everything that gets under his teeth” – including his human’s chin, shoulders and forehead.

The feline is also a star – with Apazieva using the social media fame (@t_rex_ekb) to sell books and raise money for animal shelters.

Mister Guru has 6,136 followers so far and growing but shares his account two pet siblings, a three-legged dog named Rex and a female dog named Chipa.

Apazieva added: “I sew almost all the outfits myself.

“The attention my cat gets helps sell my books and we use the money we make to help animal shelters.”

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