Self-taught make up artist wows social media with his extra-terrestrial looks inspired by nature

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A makeup artist has shocked social media with his extra-terrestrial looks, transforming himself into insects, flowers, reptiles and plants inspired by Mother Earth.  

Drian P Bautista, 22, Philippines has amassed 299,000 followers on his Instagram page @drian_bautista thanks to his incredible special effects make-up looks.  

The self-taught special effects artist started getting into makeup at 18-years-old, a skill that is not only challenging but time-consuming.  

Pictured: Drian P Bautista

The 22-year-old spends up to six hours perfecting each of his looks and said he derives his inspiration from nature.  

Drian has transformed himself into incredible animalistic creatures including a beautiful white butterfly, a Great White shark, a killer whale and even a Black Widow spider.  

In other photos, Drian has also created incredible make-up looks of different types of plants including a Venus flytrap, an orchid and a lotus.  

“I get my inspiration from what I see in nature,” Drian tells Jam Press.  

“I first start off by cleaning the face and apply a second base application before starting off a makeup look.  

“There are many details and every look is different, there is a step-by-step process that I take to complete each one.  

“I started to do makeup when I was around 18-years-old, at that time I was just curious and wanted to try new things so I ended up exploring the make-up world.”

Drian’s skills have earned him admiration and awe from his followers.  

“I adore your creation so much,” one user said.  

“Amazing.. you are the best at what you do,” another user added. [sic]  

“Omg you’re incredible dude,” one user added. [sic]  

“This is so insane,” another user said. [sic]  

“Words fail me… Such amazing imagination…” another user commented. [sic]  

Drian uses body paints, eyeshadows, liquid lipsticks and eyelashes as staple products in his makeup kit, charging clients up to $500 per look.  

Pictured: Drian P Bautista

However, he still classifies himself as a beginner in special effects make-up despite his incredible talent.  

Drian said he sometimes receives negative comments from people claiming he “photoshops” his looks, but the 22-year-old chooses to ignore the hateful remarks.  

“I usually get comments from people saying they want to see me working in special effects for movies,” Drian said.  

“But a lot of them are not into art and don’t understand the meaning and the beauty of an artwork.  

“They usually say I fully photoshop my pictures but I ignore the negative comments, at the end of the day we can’t please everyone.”