Influencer becomes overnight star after DRUG SMUGGLING arrest – with 16,000 followers on fake Instagram profile of the criminal  

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An influencer has become an overnight star under bizarre circumstances – after news leaked of her drug smuggling arrest led to a boom in popularity, with people even making popular fake social media accounts of the criminal.

Lorraine Cutier Bauer Romeiro, 19, was arrested yesterday (22 July) for drug trafficking during a raid on a drug dealer’s home, where they found more than 400 portions of crack, cocaine, marijuana and ecstasy.

The young woman, who is from the Cracolândia area of São Paulo, Brazil, had been at her partner’s house – who was already in prison for the same offence.

Pictured: Lorraine Cutier Bauer Romeiro

Romeiro, who has been dubbed ‘Cracolândia’s kitten’, soon garnered attention online as news of her arrest broke.

Within hours, fans had created fake profiles on Instagram and Facebook purporting to be Romeiro.

An Instagram account created yesterday that used Romeiro’s name and pictures of her attracted 16,000 followers.

Her original profile, which had 30,000 followers, was removed from Instagram during the chaos.

Pictured: Lorraine Cutier Bauer Romeiro

Meanwhile on Facebook, various profiles with different surnames appeared – using Romeiro’s images.

Romeiro was captured in Barueri, northwest São Paulo, by a team from the 77th Police District who are taking steps to combat the drug trade in the area.

According to police, she admitted in testimony that she was involved in trafficking and indicated where she stored the substances.

When police went to the location she provided – a building on Rua Helvétia in the Santa Cecília neighbourhood – they found a backpack with 85 packages of marijuana, 295 of cocaine and eight of crack, as well as 16 ecstasy tablets.

They also discovered £105 (750 Brazilian Reals) in cash, a precision scale, a knife, an axe and a mobile phone – all of which were seized.

Romeiro remains in prison at the disposal of the court.

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