A vegan bodybuilder who claims he cured his heartbreak by doing handstands for up to five hours a day is now looking for love again after years of being single.

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A vegan bodybuilder who claims he cured his heartbreak by doing handstands for up to five hours a day is now looking for love again after years of being single.

But he has one very specific requirement for his future girlfriend: she must be a vegan – among other requests.

Former German special forces paratrooper Steve Pilot, 40, was left devastated after he split from his partner of seven years in 2015 due to “differing life perspectives”.

The personal trainer says that spending hours every day doing handstands helped him cope with depression and maintain a positive mindset.

Pictured: Steve Pilot

Now, Steve, who lives in Bangkok, Thailand, is ready to find love again – but said the woman of his dreams must be a vegan too, if she’s going to have a chance with him.

“After years of being single, I’m finally ready to find that special lady,” Steve told Jam Press.

“I’m hoping once lockdown is lifted, I’ll be able to socialise a bit more and meet the right woman – maybe in the gym, as that’s where I spend most of my time.”

Although Steve says he doesn’t have a specific ‘type,’ he does have a list of specific attributes he’s looking for in that special someone, including being able to keep up with his strict training programme.

Steve does at least one hour of handstand practice every day, in addition to up to six hours of working out.

He said: “She has to be fit, healthy, smart and around my age or over 30 and ideally, she’d be a vegetarian, vegan or plant-based as that’s what I eat.

Pictured: Steve Pilot

“An average day for me is to wake up, meditate, have a cup of coffee and practise my handstands for an hour.

“I fast in the morning so after that, I go to the gym and teach for three hours before coming home to have a fully vegan lunch.

“After lunch, I nap for 30-45 minutes, wake up and have another coffee, train online for a couple of hours and then hit the gym again for another three hours.”

His average lunch includes lentils, broccoli, brown rice, pumpkin and tofu – which he washes down with a giant fruit smoothie.

The fitness trainer spends his downtime at home relaxing, but hopes he can find someone to entertain in the evenings instead.

He said: “This would be the time I can spend with my future love.

“I would cook her an amazing meal, spoil her with gifts or take her to one of the picturesque islands for a vegan or yoga retreat.

“I am very loving and am just looking for the right woman to share my life with.”

Pictured: Steve Pilot

Lockdown has proven to be a lonely time for the trainer and he misses female interaction.

He said: “I do get lonely and I miss having someone to hug, kiss and spend time with but I’ve been trying to keep myself busy by focusing on work and fitness.”

The bodybuilder was left heartbroken when his relationship of seven years ended but said he didn’t want to rush into anything new too soon.

After his relationship broke down, Steve spent 12 hours in the gym every day, lifting weights and getting into shape.

He said: “It was a difficult time after we broke up but I wanted to work on healing myself and my soul before I jumped into a new relationship.

Pictured: Steve Pilot

“I focused on myself and took time to process the situation and I’m in a much better place now.”

Due to his hectic work schedule, Steve wants his future partner to be a strong, independent woman who doesn’t lean on him too much.

He added: “She needs to have her own social life and work life and not lean on me too much, but I will of course always make time for her to spoil her.

“I really hope that in 2021, I can find my dream woman and we can enjoy our vegan lifestyle together – it would be great if she was open to doing handstands too.”

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