Man arrested for breaking into LION enclosure after zoo staff have to rescue him

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A man has been arrested after he entered the lion enclosure at a zoo and had to be rescued by staff.

G. Sai Kumar, 30, made his way into the exhibit at Nehru Zoological Park, located in Hyderabad, India on 23 November.

In a clip, filmed by an onlooker, he can be seen balancing on the edge of a cliff, which sits just a few metres above the entrance to a shelter for the animals.

He catches the attention of a male lion, who spends some time looking at him before walking away.

People can be heard shouting at the man and staff quickly enter the enclosure to get him out. 

He was then handed over to Bahadurpura Police Station, where a complaint was filed against him and an inquiry was launched into the matter.