Woman stunned when rapper SNOOP DOGG serves her fast food in drive-thru

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A woman was left stunned when she saw a famous face handing her her fast food order in a drive thru – Snoop Dogg.

Belle Nash, from the US, was visiting a Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers takeaway to pick up some food when she spotted the rapper.

The Grammy Award-winning artist, who is worth a rumoured $150 million, was behind the counter and appeared to be working at the chain.

In a video posted on TikTok, Belle and a friend are in their car shortly after the encounter.

Pictured: Video grab

She says: “We just went to Cane’s – guess who handed us our food? Snoop Dogg!”

The video then cuts to a clip of the rapper standing in the window of the drive thru.

Grinning as he hands them the bags of food, Snoop says: “Get all this on camera, get all of this on camera.”

The good-natured star poses for pictures with the girls, smiling at the camera from the window of the drive-thru.

Hilariously, the duo then drove off listening to one of his hit singles, Young, Wild & Free.

The post racked up more than 1.6 million likes on TikTok, where it was viewed five million times.

One person commented: “Snoop completed life he’s just doing side missions now.”

“How does this man always manage to be everywhere in the randomest places?” asked another viewer.

Someone else guessed: “He’s just bored at this point.”

“He’s really completing every side quest out there,” added one viewer.

Pictured: Video grab

Another fan said: “Snoop seriously why are you always in such bizarre locations?”

“Damn the pandemic really be hitting ALL of us hard huh,” another user joked.

Someone else said: “I wanna know what made him wanna do this.”

“He’s so rich he wanted to just work a normal shift,” guessed on fan.

Snoop himself commented on the video, posting laughing emojis followed by a fist and a car.

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