Singer in love with a GHOST reveals she is now set to MARRY spirit – as lover ‘proposes’ to her

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A singer who made headlines thanks to her romance with a ghost has revealed she is set to marry her spooky lover – after the “toxic” spirit won her over with a diamond ring mysteriously appearing on her pillow in a romantic proposal.

Brocarde, 38, a singer and songwriter from Oxfordshire, fell for Edwardo, the ghost of a Victorian soldier, earlier this year after he appeared in her home.

Edwardo, who she believes died prematurely at 35 after falling down a well, introduced himself in the middle of the night and the duo have been involved in a tumultuous love affair ever since.

The spirit previously punished her for going public with their unconventional romance – leaving Brocarde high and dry and ignoring her attempts to communicate.

Pictured: Brocarde

She claims she was being “ghosted by a ghost”, adding that Edwardo was “furious” with her after her appearance on ITV’s This Morning, and becoming physically abusive.

But Brocarde has managed to win back his affections by penning a love song for her beau on Halloween.

Ever since, the couple have been stronger than ever – with Edwardo surprising her with a romantic proposal earlier this month.

“One morning I awoke to find a ring on my pillow,” Brocarde told Jam Press.

“It was digging into the side of my cheek – it felt like I’d been stung by a bee or something – but when I touched my face, I felt the stone and ring band.

“I thought I was dreaming and I think I fell back asleep. When I awoke, the ring was gone.

“I went for a shower and noticed a question mark appear in the steam. I was convinced I was still half-asleep, so grabbed a few espressos and carried on my day.

Pictured: Brocarde

“The next night the same thing happened, but this time I awoke to find the ring still there. Again, question marks appeared in the steam on the shower.

“It was then that the penny dropped – Edwardo was proposing.”

Brocarde didn’t know what to make of the romantic offer, feeling a “crazy mix” of emotions – but felt determined to see the love affair through.

She said: “This is becoming quite a crazy adventure so much so that I feel almost obligated to say yes.

“It felt like a decision that isn’t mine, like I’d been chosen in some way and I still desperately want to know what this ghost wants from me.

“I placed the ring on my finger to show my acceptance, as soon as I did this I felt a warm sensation around my body so I knew Edwardo had felt my answer.”

Of the big day, Brocarde said: “I don’t think I could handle meeting his relatives, one ghost is enough, maybe we will have to elope and find a little white chapel in Las Vegas.

“We may have to settle for a registry office – if we call a priest, I’m scared he will want to exorcise Edwardo before my love story has a proper ending.”

Pictured: Brocarde

But while the two are now more loved up than ever, it was an uphill battle for the singer to reconnect with the ghost.

Brocarde said: “I couldn’t find a handbook on how to win back your ghost lover so I got inventive, I decided to treat him like a real man and give him the night of his life.

“I use songwriting as a way to handle my emotions so Edwardo had to be the subject of an epic love song, he had to be wined and dined and wooed like the ultimate object of my desire.

“On the night of Halloween, I grabbed my songwriting book and penned a homage to Edwardo, I covered the room in hundreds of rose petals, lit dozens of candles and spend hours slaving over a hot stove to create a banquet that even Nigella would have been envious of.

“I decided against cooking a Victorian banquet as Edwardo clearly has an interest in the modern woman, so I concluded he needed to experience modern cuisine. I cooked cheeseburgers and French fries and I found out that ghost’s love a chocolate milkshake!”

Pictured: Brocarde

Brocarde sang the romantic tune and waited for Edwardo to make himself known via his preferred method – candle flickering.

As she sang, she claims every candle in the room suddenly extinguished and she started to dance.

She said: “I could feel Edwardo’s hands on my back as we waltzed across the floor and into the darkness. It was a compelling moment that deeply moved me.

“I carried on singing and the candles re-reignited, Edwardo sang along by flickering the flames after each line.”

Within a week, the pair were engaged.

While they are currently in a good place, the singer says she isn’t without her doubts when it comes to their future.

She said: “I was always slightly disturbed by how intense the level of paranormal activity was, it felt like a very toxic relationship even though he was just a spirit.

Pictured: Brocarde

“He’s not the most reliable of lovers and it all seems very much on his terms – can such a toxic, turbulent romance work as a marriage?

“How would I know if he’s philandering and getting his spook on with other women?

“How is he going to pay a mortgage – I mean, will I just find big piles of cash on my pillow like I do rings?”

Despite her reservations, Brocarde is planning a wedding that pays homage to Edwardo’s Victorian roots.

She said: “[The wedding will be] like a romantic, haunting fairytale.

“I love the Victorian era – it inspires the clothes I design and I can’t wait to start work on creating my dream wedding dress.”