Hotel recreates aurora borealis in stunning light show – so you can guarantee enjoying the “northern lights” while sipping a cocktail

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A hotel in Japan has launched an atmospheric event for its guests as it tries to emulate the stunning but elusive Northern Lights.

The special showing at Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo called “Forest Aurora” projects an artificial Northern Lights using state-of-the-art technology over the hotel’s vast garden.

Pictured: The artificial aurora borealis at Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo

The Aurora Borealis natural light display is usually seen in or close to the Arctic circle, but it can be unpredictable and difficult to time a trip with when they appear.

But the Forest Aurora appears in the night sky covering the property every 30 minutes between 7pm and 10 pm, meaning you can watch it with the comfort of having a cocktail in one hand, with each projection lasting five minutes.

The garden contains 2,300 camellia trees from 100 different species and over 100 cherry trees.

Shinsuke Yamashita, the hotel’s general manager said: “Combining with another signature attraction of ours, ‘Tokyo Sea of Clouds,’ guests are guaranteed to experience the magical phenomenon without leaving the big city Tokyo.

“Although it is still challenging to travel internationally, this will be our ongoing winter event.

Story from Jam Press (Northern Lights) Pictured: The artificial aurora borealis at Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo

“With ‘Forest Aurora’ put in place for winter, we now offer exceptional scenic wonders for every season all year round.

“Every day of the year is the best time to enjoy our magnificent property. We are prepared to welcome back our international guests anytime.”

The event is being presented until 7 February 2022.