Photographers capture remarkable moments in nature including the moment a leopard catches its prey

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These photos show rare instances in nature, giving a completely different perspective to the world around us.

In one shot, Priyanka Rahut-Mitra caught an action moment of a leopard catching the tail of its unsuspecting prey, a Malabar giant squirrel in Bandipur National Park.

The photo is part of the prestigious Nature InFocus Photography Contest, which features images of wildlife in India, taken by photographers across the world.

Pictured: Tag, You Are It! by Priyanka Rahut Mitra

Other winners include Mohammad Murad, who took a stunningly beautiful photo of a small Arabian Red Fox lit by soft balloons of street lights in Kuwait.

The photographer spent over two months observing and documenting the foxes’ behaviour.

Pictured: City Lights by Mohammad Murad

One of the youngest winners was 15-year-old Anagha Mohan, who took a surreal image of a grasshopper resting on a plant on the outskirts of Bangalore.

Pictured: Hop Into The Limelight by Anagha Mohan

Rohit Varma, a founder of Nature inFocus, said: “The Nature InFocus Photography & Film Contest is more than just a competition.

“It is about inspiring people to do more with their cameras.

“Even with the pandemic, year on year, we have seen a growth in the number of participants and submissions for the contest.”

Andy Rouse, an award-winning wildlife photographer, and one of the members of this year’s jury, found the whole experience extremely fulfilling.

He said: “I am a great fan of India and its exceptional biodiversity and was genuinely honoured when asked to judge this competition.

“It was so good to see the true breadth of the diversity of India’s wildlife and the incredible skill with which photographers have executed their photographs.

“The young photographer section, in particular, was inspiring to see. After all, they are the future of wildlife photography and our planet.”

Mohammad Murad won the Animal Portraits category, Priyanka Rahut Mitra won the Animal Behaviour category, Prathamesh Ghadekar won the Creative Nature Photography category, Lakshitha Karunarathna won the Wildscape & Animals in Habitat category and the Conservation Issues category was won by Mahisin Khan. Anagha Mohan won the Young Photographer title.

The Nature inFocus Photography Contest award ceremony happened virtually as a live event on YouTube, on November 22 2021.

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