From one of the last super tuskers alive to rhino with longest horn on record – photographer shares incredible wildlife shots of animals at risk of extinction

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A photographer has shared a set of incredible photos of rare and beautiful animals that will give you a newfound appreciation for the world’s wildlife.

From one of the last remaining super tuskers – there are approximately 20 left across the globe – to an impressive rhino with the longest measured horn on record, Bjorn Persson, 49, has captured every animal imaginable on camera. 

The acclaimed wildlife photographer from Helsingborg, Sweden, has shared some of his favourite photos of all time, taken during a trip in Kenya, east Africa. 

Pictured: “The Royal Throne” – A lion and lioness

The stunning images reveal animals that are rarely seen by humans but they also reveal the true impact of poaching and illegal wildlife trade.

Captured in all their glory, here are just some of the incredible images of some of the world’s rarest animals:


Meet Craig, the super tusker elephant roaming in Amboseli National Park, with Kilimanjaro visible in the background.

Super tuskers are a highly poached population of elephants known to have ivory tusks that hang low to the ground.

The powerful black and white photo shows Craig proudly surveying the surroundings.

Pictured: “Spirit of Africa” – The super tusker named Craig


Another incredible image features a white rhino with one the longest measured horns in the world, found in Ol Pejeta Conservatory in Laikipia County.

The animal is on the endangered species list with approximately 18,000 left in the world.

Pictured: “The Primordial”


Elephant herds in general used to be a common sight in Kenya, but are now scattered far and few between, with certain species – such as the African savanna elephant now listed as endangered.

Spotted here in Amboseli National Park, the shot shows dozens of adult elephants walking through a field together, as their children wander freely close by. 

Pictured: “Kilimanjaro” – An elephant herd at Amboseli National Park


A monochrome snap showcases a stunning leopard in Masai Mara National Reserve as it looks up into the skies above.

The fascinating animal’s pointed canine teeth and incredible fur is captured in fantastic detail.

As a species, leopards are not endangered, however several subspecies are at risk.

And the main threat to their existence? Humans (or more specifically, trophy hunters). 

Pictured: “Soul of the Leopard”

Bjorn also shared other touching photos of animals that are not as rare but nevertheless still amazing, such as lions relaxing together in a grassy plain,  a pack of zebras lapping up water at a small river and a close-up of a baboon.

Bjorn has been a professional photographer since 2014, although developed a passion for photography when he was just seven years old. 

“I have a deep respect and admiration for wildlife. I think photography always starts with what you love and the story you want to tell, not the camera,” he told Jam Press. 

“With a background in wildlife conservation, I felt I could make a change by showing the beauty of the animals. 

“Instead of scaring people with horrific images of poaching and other environmental issues, I want to inspire and engage.”

Bjorn also revealed his favourite image from the set.

He said: “The lion is my favourite.

“It radiates such strength and calm. After a crisis I had earlier in my life, I found new strength after an encounter with a male lion. 

“It’s my spirit animal.”

Bjorn calls Kenya his “second homeland” as it feels more like home than Europe or Sweden for him. 

He added: “I think it has to do with our origin – Kenya is the cradle of mankind and you can feel it. 

“The natural areas with the vast open grass plains represent the essence of Africa. It’s iconic. 

“It’s the true Africa and how it all looked at one stage in time.”

In other news, have you seen the remarkable shots in nature, including a leopard catching its prey!