‘People think I’m Zendaya’s twin and stop me in the street,’ says teenager who is dead ringer for actress

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A teenager who is a dead ringer for Spiderman actress Zendaya has revealed that the pair look so much alike that people frequently stop her in the street.

Jade Lilly, 18, who lives in Dayton, Ohio, shared a set of morphing images in a TikTok video and was quickly inundated with messages saying she looks identical to the 25-year-old A-lister.

The animal care technician, who has 100,000 followers, says it’s a “huge compliment” to be compared to the star.

Pictured: Jade Lilly

“I started hearing that I looked like Zendaya from about the age of six from my cousin and it kept going on from there,” Jade, who is originally from Las Vegas, Nevada, told Jam Press.

“She’s great at what she does and she never disappoints.

“I’m a huge fan of hers and so happy that I look like her – it’s like the biggest compliment every time someone says I look like her.”

Although Jade is thrilled to be compared to the actress, it can sometimes be “overwhelming” when she is out and about.

She said: “As well as my family and friends, I hear it when I’m out.

“People will say, ‘oh you look like that girl from Disney’s K.C. Undercover,’ or ‘OMG you look so much like Zendaya’.

Pictured: Zendaya

“Once, this lady ran by me and then suddenly stopped really hard – I thought she had slipped over but she turned around and then said ‘Oh I thought you were Zendaya, I was gonna go grab my daughter’.

Some people even ask if the pair are related.

Jade said: “I’ve heard it so much to the point where people ask if I’m related to her or even if I’m her twin.

“It does catch me off guard, the amount of people who think I look like her is kind of overwhelming.

“I worry that sometimes people only follow me or like my TikTok because they think I look like her.”

Pictured: Jade Lilly

Jade believes it’s the shape of her face, eyes and smile that make people think she looks like Zendaya.

Under the clip of the TikTok comparisons, which racked up over 1,500 ‘likes’, many of Jade’s fans left comments.

One follower wrote: “Omg You’re scaring me!!!”

“you guys look like twins,” added another person.

A third fan, referring to Zendaya and her boyfriend Spiderman actor Tom Holland, said: “Her long lost daughter with Tom.”

While a fourth simply exclaimed: “Oh my god!”

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