Woman marries man 42 years older – and even gets parents’ support after they called the POLICE the first time they met him

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A teenager who married a 61-year-old dad-of-two says her parents have now welcomed him to the family despite calling the police the first time they met him.

Military police officer Audrey Cheyenne-Smiley Moon, 19, first met husband Kevin, 61, on dating site Badoo, on January 9 2020.

Despite a 42-year age gap between them, she was initially attracted by his bio saying he too was a veteran who had worked for the military police. 

Pictured: Audrey Cheyenne-Smiley Moon

Within a few months of chatting online, they were officially a couple and had both said “I love you”. In July 2020, they officially met up in person and shared their first kiss.

Audrey told Jam Press: “I was both excited and nervous to see him.

“He still talks about the day he laid his eyes on me with such passion.

“Kevin made the first move. He took my face in his hands and we had our first kiss when we first met face to face.

“We can both agree truly that it was love at first sight.”

Neither Audrey nor Kevin, from Modesto, California, had been in a relationship with such a big age gap before but believe it doesn’t matter as they have lots in common and a deep connection.

Pictured: Kevin

Audrey said: “Our first conversation was about the military and he asked questions about me and we became very open to each other.

“We talked about everything together. 

“Kevin also looks very handsome to me. 

“What makes our relationship so great and perfect for us is our ever-growing love for each other.”

Before meeting Audrey, Cemex dispatcher Kevin was married for 19 years and has two children, aged 16 and 23. 

His kids are supportive of the relationship and pleased to see how happy the pair are.

As Kevin is older than both Audrey’s parents, who are 38 and 43, she initially kept their relationship a secret from her family – but made the decision to tell them in August last year.

Pictured: Audrey Cheyenne-Smiley Moon and Kevin

Audrey said: “We were open about our relationship to our co-workers but it was a secret from my family at first.

“I couldn’t handle the stress of keeping it a secret from my family so we agreed that he would come down to meet them.

“My family was extremely hostile about meeting him at first because we told them about us in a bad way.

“I texted them while I was away with him and we came back to my parent’s house to my entire family and the cops waiting outside. 

“It was scary at first but Kevin was ready to stand for what he believed in and now after getting to know him, my family has really grown to like him.

Pictured: Audrey Cheyenne-Smiley Moon and Kevin

“For three days, they yelled at him every time he came to see me and did everything they could to tell him how terrible he is for loving me.

“He took it and since then has proven to them how much he truly and deeply loves me.

“We haven’t heard any negative comments from strangers yet, but we have gotten looks but we normally don’t mind them. We focus on ourselves.”

On 1 August 2021, the couple eloped and got married in a small chapel in Nevada. 

Now, they are planning for their future together.

Audrey said: “Most of the time we talk about getting our dream home, having a baby, and living our lives happily.

Pictured: Kevin

“He wants to be a stay-at-home dad and watch our baby while I am at work and he can pursue his woodworking hobby.

“He wants to cook and clean for me until I come home. Then we spend time as a family. 

“We want to travel in an RV. We want to get our favorite breed of dogs. Mine is a Staffordshire American terrier pit bull. He wants a Saint Bernard. 

“We just want to be together and never separate again. We are eager to have our baby –  it is just finding the right time. 

“Our lives make it difficult for dreams like that but we know in time we will live our dream.”

Pictured: Audrey Cheyenne-Smiley Moon and Kevin

Although they are now married, they are still living apart as Audrey is working abroad in the Middle East and Kevin is at home in California. They plan to move in together once Kevin retires next year. 

Audrey said: “What makes our relationship work even thousands of miles away from each other is our constant communication. 

“We are always very affectionate towards each other and when times get hard, we try to focus on what we are fighting for. We talk about the future we can have together when our time apart is no longer. 

“I still look at him with eyes filled with pure love and joy and he looks at me the same way. Sometimes we get so happy we start to cry. 

“I love how passionate and patient he is. He is also a very giving person and very kind. He has such a pure and loving soul. 

Pictured: Audrey Cheyenne-Smiley Moon and Kevin

“People my age are very inconsiderate and selfish. Kevin is the complete opposite. 

“He is very understanding and only wants to do things for me. 

“They focus on social media and gaining followers. 

“People will do anything nowadays to get a like. Me and Kevin aren’t like that. We are very kind-hearted selfless people and love to help each other and the people around us before we help ourselves.”

Audrey, who describes herself as an old soul, added: “I did not think I would meet the man of my dreams who is also my best friend and love of my life.

“He is my soul mate and that is something worth fighting for. Love is endless and indescribable.  

“Kevin and I want to show the world that we aren’t the stereotypical sugar daddy or gold digger relationship.  

“We truly love each other because of who we are and what we do for each other.”

Kevin said: “When I first saw her profile, I thought she was a cute girl but wasn’t looking for a young girl, just a friend to talk with. 

“I was actually looking around my area and ages 30 to 50. Her profile shouldn’t have popped up. Something told me to look at it and something told me to like it, so I did. 

“I found a new best friend and fell in love with my best friend.”

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