Bodybuilder who injects his biceps with oil shares poignant video of his transformation over the years from cute young boy to pumped up hulk

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A man has posted a poignant video revealing how he transformed from a sweet little boy into a massive bodybuilder from injecting oil into his body. 

Valdir Segato, 48, is determined to become the biggest guy in his street and regularly injects synthol into his muscles to achieve is desired physique. 

Posting a video on his Instagram page @valdir_synthol_, Valdir revealed never-before-seen pictures from his childhood, showing how he transitioned over the years. 

The clip shows black and white images of Valdir as a young and skinny boy, with some photos featuring his mother beside him. 

Others show him as a small framed teenager before his obsession with bodybuilding began.

Pictured: Valdir Segato as a boy

The clip then unveiled a photo of Valid flexing his massive biceps and smiling to the camera, appearing to be the time he began going to the gym regularly.

Valdir had built a large physique to begin with – but things took a drastic turn once he started using synthol.

Synthol is a mixture of oil, alcohol and painkillers – and the concoction can be lethal.

Valdir began regularly injecting the substance since 2013, and now his biceps alone are twice as big measuring a whopping 23 inches.

Pictured: Valdir Segato showing his physique

Recent pictures show how Valdir flexing his gigantic biceps to the camera, showing how much they grew since he began abusing the substance.

Valdir regularly injects the oil mixture into his body including his chest, biceps, shoulders, making his muscles swell and almost double in size. 

Now, doctors warn his addiction can lead to death – but Valdir has refused to comply and regularly abuses the lethal concoction. 

The 48-year-old bodybuilder said he injects the liquid into his chest, biceps and shoulders helping him to achieve a pumped up look.

Synthol is known to cause nerve damage, infections, ulcers, strokes and even death.

Valdir posts photos of his inflated body on his Instagram page, and many users perceive his pictures are fake due to the incredible size of his muscles.

Pictured: Valdir Segato

Meanwhile, others have likened him to the Incredible Hulk and He-man due to his enormous build. 

He regularly posts the caption “NO PHOTOSHOP” on his pictures, but that doesn’t stop the plethora of comments that follow.

One user wrote: “Nice photoshop” while another added: “Your biceps are fake”.

One added: “Please stop. u look so ugly.”

Pictured: Valdir Segato

Some appear to be supportive of his look, and one wrote:  “Absolute beast of a transformation,” while on a recent post one wrote “Well done bro”.

Valdir, from Sao Paulo, Brazil has been open and honest about his use of synthol and shows no plans of slowing down.

He shares his obsession with injecting the substance on his Instagram page, posting photos and videos of his pumped up body to his 18.6K followers.

In one of his pictures he writes: “I bath with cinthol soap (a brand particularly popular in India) and inject synthol into my body.’

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