‘I do the purchasing, he does the cleaning’: Woman, 44, splashes over £15,000 on Christmas gifts for 29-year-old toyboy

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A self-confessed “cougar” has revealed plans to spend at least £15,000 on her sugar baby this Christmas.  

Julie, 44, who lives on the east coast in the US, met 29-year-old Zach on the dating app Bumble last year and has been funding the couple’s lavish lifestyle ever since, including luxury trips abroad.

Earlier this year, she treated him to an extravagant trip to the Bahamas and this month they’re jetting off to Costa Rica, followed by Brazil in the new year.

Pictured: Julie on a luxury holiday with her toyboy Zach.

The festive period is providing Julie with even more reason to spoil her younger man and Zach has shared his wish list, too.

“He asked for a sports car or luxury SUV, new skim and surf boards, a new drone (he crashed ours in Exuma), and a watch,” she told Jam Press.

The content creator, who earns between £21,800 and £29,000 a month sharing videos under hashtags such as #cougarville and #agegapcouple, isn’t settling with just a trip and some luxury items.

She’s also planning to surprise Zach him with a new Range Rover on Christmas Day.  

Pictured: Julie on a luxury holiday

Julie’s two children, 18 and 21, are being equally spoiled by their mum.

She said: “My kids are getting a race car and a horse, and several thousand in cash.

“So they are very spoiled too.”

The mum says there’s no jealousy between Zach and her children, though as she effectively spreads her wealth between them and even gives some to charity.

She said: “Throughout the year, I donate quite a bit to charity and encourage them to do the same.

Pictured: Julie with her toyboy Zach

“So as lavish as my spending sounds, I do also spread it to my community and others that need it.”

And Julie gets gifts from Zach too, but in a somewhat different way.

She said: “I do all the purchasing and he does the majority of the domestic tasks such as cooking and cleaning.

“He made several delicious dishes and desserts for our Thanksgiving gathering a few weeks ago, that were a huge hit.”

Pictured: Julie with her toyboy Zach

Many of Julie’s 93,000 TikTok followers are in awe of the couple’s set-up, with users asking how they can get a piece of the cake.

One person asked: “Genuinely is there anything I can do for you as a paid service because I am POOR poor.” [sic]

“I feel cheated, where were these cougars at when I was younger? Guys these days have it so easy,” another user said.

Someone else asked: “Where do I sign up?

“Things I want for Christmas…a sugar momma,” another person said.

One user commented: “Tough seeing other people live your dreams.”

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