GHOST BUSTERS: Family who claim they can communicate with the DEAD capture videos of ‘SPIRITS’ and ‘ANGELS’ at ‘haunted’ churches across UK

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A ghost-hunting family who claim they can communicate with the dead have captured video footage of what they claim to be spirits and angels, while exploring “haunted” churches.

Candice Collins, 39, her partner Nick Pearse, 51, and her mum Suzanne Collins, 65, are The Cornish Ghost Whisperers – a group that explore the most haunted and spooky places in Cornwall and beyond.

The trio “communicate” with spirits by using a “ghost box” or “portal” – which allegedly allows them to connect with the dead.

Pictured: Candice Collins, Nick Pearse and Suzanne Collins

Three years ago, after realising their connection with the spirit world, Candice and her mum launched their ghost hunting group – with Nick joining them in June 2020.

They have previously hit headlines thanks to incredible footage which they claim shows the ghost of a Cornish tin miner, but their most recent exploits have been equally fascinating.

In September, the trio visited Kea Church in Cornwall, where they happened across a “white spirit”.

“[It was] out in the middle of nowhere. We recorded a ghostly mist moving in the doorway of the church,” Candice told Jam Press.

Story from Jam Press (Ghost On Film) Pictured: Video grab – The orb captured at St Day Holy Trinity Church

“We were stunned – it definitely looks like a white spirit.

“We were also doing an investigation at St Day Holy Trinity Church, and when I was filming I caught an amazing orb floating towards me.

“As it came over from the headstones, it floated up and then came down in front of the camera, looking right at me recording it.

“It changed shape. Our supporters said it looked like an angel.”

In the video, Candice can be heard asking “what’s that?” and describing a floating object as a “colourful thing” and “beautiful.”

She says: “Wow. What is that? What is it? Oh my god. What is that?”

A bright white object appears to be floating amongst the headstones.

The group also recently explored CJ’s Restaurant, which is based inside a former church – which they believe to be haunted.

While there, they claim to have uncovered “poltergeist activity”.

Candice said: “A pot of spoons were pushed on the side of the work surface in the oldest part of the kitchen.”

They claim a “black shadow person” can be seen in the dining room in a still image taken from the scene.

The family have previously claimed they have spoken to “Lucifer” while visiting the Parish Church of Treslothan near Camborne, which they travelled to earlier this year.

Candice said: “After hearing that it was supposedly haunted, we decided to investigate.

Pictured: Candice Collins, Nick Pearse and Suzanne Collins

“I used the ghost communication box to get in touch with an entity
that called himself Lucifer and he laughed at us in a deeply chilling video.

“He kept saying ‘kill them all’ and said that it brings him pleasure to harm people.

“I asked him if we were in danger and he said ‘yes’.

“It was so scary to hear this and we even caught a picture of a black entity – it was terrifying!”

Candice believes she has been seeing spirits since the age of eight, while her mother claims to have been communicating with them since the age of six.

Candice said: “We have seen lots of things like child spirits, shadow people figures and we’ve heard voices too.

“Nick had some experiences at a later stage in life; at 17 he had a spirit visit him at night.”

The trio are particularly excited for Halloween, as they believe spirit activity will amp up a notch.

Candice added: “It’s our favourite time of year when the veil is thinning and the spirits are so close to earth.”

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