OnlyFans model faces criticism for agreeing to BLOCK male subscriber after request from his concerned girlfriend

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An OnlyFans model has revealed why she agreed to block a male subscriber after receiving a desperate plea from his concerned girlfriend.

Paige Woolen, 28, from Los Angeles, USA, received a direct message on social media after her racy snaps caused the anonymous female to feel “really uncomfortable”.

“I’ve always felt a super-strong connection to my female followers and if I can cause one less headache in this world, then I’m happy”, Paige told Jam Press.

Pictured: Paige Woolen

Paige – who boasts over 17,000 likes from subscribers on the adult content website – was sent a private message last week from the anonymous partner.

The message read, “Hey girlie. I hate to do this but my man subscribes to your website and it makes me feel really uncomfortable. Can you block him his username is [BLANK] and I’ll Venmo you every month your subscription amount so you’re not losing money.”

The full-time model replied: “Blocking immediately and don’t worry about venmoing me! xoxo.”

Paige uploaded the interaction to her sister Instagram account @dudesinthedm – which is used to reveal the sleazy comments she receives from men – in a bid to make her female followers comfortable with her content.

The caption read: “a girls girl. ps- if your bf/ husband follows me anywhere I’m always happy to block. how do you guys feel about men that are in relationships subscribing to of?”

Paige said: “I understand that my content is very suggestive and I’ll always have my girls backs.

Pictured: The conversation between Paige Woolen and a concerned girlfriend

“I don’t really care if it’s normal, it’s my account and it makes me feel good to not be the “issue” in someone’s mind or relationship.

“Periodically, I’ll post on my Instagram story, ‘If your boyfriend, husband, or whoever follows my account and you don’t want them to, I’ll happily block them’.”

Paige says the content on OnlyFans is “definitely sexier” and there’s also a component where people get to know her, so she can appreciate the concern.

She said: “In my mind, that’s an extremely personal connection so I 100% understand why someone in a relationship wouldn’t want their significant other to subscribe to my page.

“I wouldn’t say that I get a ton of messages asking to block specific OnlyFans users but they do come up.”

Pictured: Paige Woolen

Followers praised the model for her swift action, commenting: “You have an amazing soul. Much respect love seeing women supporting other women.”

Another added: “I love this!! Girls girls are the best”.

However, some were less approving with one miffed follower adding: “This is beyond toxic to everyone involved. Unfollowed.”

Paige wasn’t surprised by some of the comments on the post and feels she did the right thing.

She said: “Some of the comments on my most recent post which are mostly made by men are saying I’m part of the toxic behavior by agreeing to block her boyfriend.

“They’re saying that he’ll go to another girl’s page but that’s none of my business and out of my control.

Pictured: Paige Woolen

“I only have control over my social media accounts.”

Paige set up the Instagram account @dudesinthedm in April 2020 in a bid to highlight online harassment faced by models.

It now has over 73,000 followers with Paige regularly posting sordid conversations with male followers.

She added: “I never share OnlyFans conversations on my page @dudesinthedm.

“Onlyfans is the place for sexually explicit talk, so it would be hypocritical for me to post those conversations publicly.

“Instagram, however, is a public platform. So when guys message me on there saying something about sucking my farts out with a straw, I think it’s fair to post that on @dudesinthedm.”

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