Man paralysed in car accident claims Covid-19 vaccine helped him WALK AND TALK again

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A man has claimed that he is able to walk and talk for the first time in four years after receiving the Covid-19 vaccine.

Dularchand Munda, 55, from Salgadih, Jharkhand, India, suffered injuries after a road accident in 2016, leaving him bedridden.

Pictured: Dularchand Munda

But after receiving the vaccine on 4 January, he claims he was able to move again.

Footage shows the man taking a few steps with the help of a stick.

He said: “I am glad that I have taken the vaccine. I could feel the moment in my legs since being administered the vaccine.”

He received the AstraZeneca (Covidshield) jab during a vaccine drive in his village.

Within 24 hours, his family said they started to notice he was able to move and speak, bringing them to tears.

Local people in his community were amazed by the news.

One said: “This is unbelievable that he started walking again. Whatever the reason is for it, we’re extremely happy to see him walk and talk.”

Dr Albela Kerketta, who’s in-charge of Peterwar Community Health Centre, later confirmed the incident.

He said: “Munda was given a Covishield vaccine by an Anganwadi worker on January 4 at his house.

Pictured: Dularchand Munda

“The next day, the family members were shocked when they saw Munda’s lifeless body not only started to move but he regained his speech too.

“This is a matter of investigation as we had already seen his reports.”

According to the Bokaro Civil Surgeon, Dr Jitendra Kumar, the medical team are now examining the case.

He said: “His medical history needs to be analysed as this is the surprising case.”

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