Model who exposes cheaters through Instagram DMs forced to move house after stalker hell

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A model who exposes cheaters who slide into her Instagram direct messages has been forced to move after being harassed by a string of stalkers.

In the past year, Paige Woolen, 29, from Los Angeles, US, has seen one stalker pretend to be a florist in order to get access to her home, while another broke in while she was in the shower.

The Instagram influencer, who has 330,000 followers on her Instagram (@paigeuncaged), has been left so traumatised by the experiences that she now carries a taser, is taking self-defence classes and has been forced to move house.

Pictured: Paige Woolen

“Honestly, these things have happened over six months ago and I’m still dealing with emotional repercussions from them”, Paige told Jam Press.

“I am definitely more ‘jumpy’ and hyper aware of my surroundings”.

Paige had her first run-in with a stalker last summer, when a man phoned her up posing as a florist and asked for her address.

She said: “He called me and said he had flowers to deliver and listed an old address of mine.

“My dad sends me flowers randomly all the time so I didn’t think much of this [at first].

“Luckily, I got a weird vibe from the phone call and could tell that he wasn’t an actual florist and hung up.”

More recently, Paige had someone enter her apartment while she was in the shower but thankfully her dog scared off the intruder.

Pictured: Paige Woolen

She said: “My apartment was on the first floor of the building and faced the street with big windows.

“I heard my dog Pebbles growling and immediately knew I was in danger.

“My dog is a chunky, older French Bulldog so I wasn’t expecting her to scare him off but she did.

“He left the box of chips, sodas and candy bars in my apartment and left.

“We were both unharmed.”

Fearing for her safety, three days after the break-in the model decided to move to a new flat with 24-hour security and even used a fake name.

Pictured: Paige Woolen

Paige added: “I had to move.

“I even rented my new place under an alias so that it won’t be listed online or associated with my name.”

The OnlyFans model made headlines in 2020 when she revealed she was helping women by exposing their unfaithful boyfriends.

She exposes some of the worst offenders on the Instagram page (@dudesinthedm), which has 74,000 followers.

Pictured: Past posts on the @dudesinthedm page

But her successful career and side gig has come with unwanted admiration from male suitors.

In addition to moving house, Paige no longer shares her location on social media posts to avoid people tracking her movements – and she recommends other influencers do the same.

She added: “I think as content creators we sometimes forget that our content is being seen by all kinds of people and sometimes those people feel like they’re in a real relationship with us.

“I encourage everyone to think about these things before pursuing a career in content creation.

“If I’m at a restaurant or promoting a hotel or something, I’ll wait until I’m in a different place to tag the location.

“These are all safety measures I should’ve been practicing before, so I hope other content creators that are reading this do the same!”

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