Woman reveals Euphoria-‘inspired’ clothing sold at supermarket and people are obsessed

Maddy Perez certainly wouldn’t stand for the rip off…and Cassie would probably just cry about it.
A cut-out dress, vest top and skirt combo, as well as a modest blue jumper and skirt ensemble is shown on display.
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A woman has revealed a clothing line on sale by a supermarket that appears to be ‘inspired’ by a popular television show – leaving TikTok users scrambling to get the bargain buys for themselves.

Jennifer Travis, 27, a security worker from Chicago, US, has gone viral on TikTok after suggesting that the US chain Target is selling outfits featured on HBO’s Euphoria.

She stumbled across the ensembles while walking past the juniors’ clothes section and noticed that the clothes looked almost identical to those seen on the show.

A hot pink halter-neck and skinny trouser combo can be seen displayed on a white mannequin.
Maddy Perez’s hot pink halter-neck and skinny trouser combo could be seen on display (Picture: Jam Press)

In a clip, which has been viewed 3.4 million times and has received 497,600 likes so far, she showcases the outfits.

As she walks toward the mannequins, the text over the video reads: “Does HBO have Target on payroll????”

The clip features four mannequins dressed in looks similar to Kat Hernandez’ short skirt and vest top combination, as well as Maddy Perez’s hot pink halter-neck and matching skinny trousers.

There’s also a cut-out dress that Cassie Howard would be proud to wear.

Jennifer poses with glasses and a colourful, cut-out dress.
Jennifer has received 3.4 million views on the viral video (Picture: Jam Press)

“They should just do a Euphoria line at Target at this point,” one viewer commented.

Another person added: “LMAO I knew exactly who each one was.” [sic]

“Y’all do realize this is modern day advertising. They see the trends and euphoria is trending right now with fashion/makeup,” someone else said. [sic]

Another viewer added: “As a former retail employee I did dress mannequins as whatever show I was watching at that point.”

“Ain’t this just how every teen dressed now and has been for a while?.” one person commented. [sic]

“I can guarantee whoever was in charge of the mannequins watches euphoria. Each target has their own ‘vision’ in the style dept,” wrote another user. [sic]

Jennifer spotted the outfits while getting a bottle of wine and wanted to see if others could see the similarities (Picture: Jam Press)

Euphoria, which is currently available to stream on NOW TV in the UK, has taken over social media due to its popularity with young adults.

Many fans of the show have uploaded their own inspired make-up and outfit looks, which has now become a trend on TikTok.

“I’ve seen a couple of TikToks where girls had on the ‘Maddy’-inspired outfit,” Jennifer told Jam Press.

“I find these outfits appropriate for teens and young adults – but even I tried them on.

A floral cut-out dress is on display, with the mannequins hands placed on its hips.
Cassie’s cut-out dress is on display, which could earn her a place in ‘Oklahoma’ (Picture: Jam Press)

“I think they’re just releasing 90s fashion because it’s currently trending.

“I only came to Target for wine and of course, I had to see what clothes they had.

“Instantly, I said that these have got to be inspired by Euphoria, as the characters were wearing similar outfits.

“My friend agreed, so I decided to record them and see if anybody else agrees.

“But whoever styled those mannequins, they definitely watch Euphoria.”