Woman spots boyfriend in video she took at Disneyland SIX MONTHS before meeting real-life ‘Prince Charming’

A modern day fairytale
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A Disneyland fan has spotted her boyfriend in a video she took at the theme park six months before they met – and TikTok fans can’t get enough of the romantic tale.

Anyssa Martinez, 22, from California, US, met her now-boyfriend Nathan Hatton, 28, over Instagram in early 2020 after he slid into her DM’s.

The pair quickly bonded over their love of all things Disney, and slowly formed their relationship in the early days of the pandemic.

Nathan and Anyssa are big Disney fans (Picture: Jam Press)

But six months into their romance, the college student noticed they had actually interacted once before – at a Disneyland parade she attended with her family.

She was scrolling through her phone when she stumbled across a video of a parade, which showed Nathan was a performer who waved at her during the event.

“I truly never thought I would find my Prince Charming, but Nathan has exceeded any fairytale I could have imagined,” Anyssa told Jam Press.

“I was bored one day and decided to look through old Disney memories and noticed that I had a video of him from 2019.

“I remember it really vividly. I was so shocked when I realised Nathan was the coachman in the video!

Their love of all things Disney has led to real-life love (Picture: Jam Press)

“Watching the Electrical Parade has always been my favourite, and finding this video makes it even more meaningful.

“I always wave to the performers but the fact that he noticed me in such a big crowd made me feel so special. It’s one of my favourite memories at Disneyland.

“I showed Nathan and he was super surprised. When I asked him why he tipped his hat at me that night, he said there was just something about me that caught his eye.

“He’s convinced it was meant to be from the beginning. Love has a funny way of finding you when you least expect it.”

Their relationship was fate (Picture: Jam Press)

She posted the revelation on TikTok last month, and the clip has since racked up 277,000 views and 52,000 likes.

One social media user wrote: “NO WAY THIS IS A DREAM COME TRUE.”

Another person commented: “I still can’t believe this, talk about fate!”

“Waiting for this to happen to me,” said another user.

Someone else added: “HOW. I WANT THIS FOR ME.”

While anther follower simply wrote: “Goals.”

Speaking of her video going viral, Anyssa added: “I thought this video would only reach a few hundred people, so it was a huge shock when so many people saw our story.

“It was really overwhelming how many kind messages we received.

“It’s really common for people to receive hate on social media, but the response to our video was so positive.

“I’m so glad our story made so many people smile.”