Woman goes viral creating chocolate bar stuffed with CRISPS – dividing TikTok users

Maria has even created bars stuffed with prawn crisps…
Maria holds up three flavours of her 'Bar of Crisps.'
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A woman has gone viral for her unique food creation – a chocolate bar stuffed with various flavours of crisps.

Maria Antoniou, 46, a chocolatier from Essex, used to eat salty tortilla chips dipped in Greek yoghurt alongside a chocolate bar as her favourite childhood snack.

As she has always preferred salty and sweet together, she decided to turn her unique food combination into a single treat.

The chocolate bar with crisps.
The unique chocolate bar is a hit with customers (Picture: Jam Press)

Using her chocolate-making skills, she created the ‘Bar of Crisps’ – a chocolate bar stuffed with crunchy crisps.

“The first time I made the bar I used ready salted, then salt and vinegar,” Maria told Jam Press.

“It was delicious and my taste testers loved it.

“After, I started making the bars straight away, trademarked the name and found a design company to create the packaging.

“[So far] I’ve made ready salted, salt and vinegar, and cheese and onion, as well as testing prawn cocktail and frazzles.

“The texture of the bar is smooth milk chocolate stuffed with the crisps, so it’s definitely crunchy.

“Most people’s reactions to [the bar] is: ‘I thought I was weird liking this combination, I’m so glad someone has finally made this.’

The chocolate bar is stuffed with bits of crisps.
Stuffed with crisps, the bar is the perfect ‘cheat’ meal (Picture: Jam Press)

“My favourite comment is from a customer who came to hand collect the bar and messaged me five minutes later saying she’s not even left the car park yet, but she’s demolished the whole thing.”

Maria decided to share her bizarre creation in a post on TikTok, where she has received 696,000 views and over 55,900 likes on one clip.

In the video, she begins by showing a packet of Seabrooks salt and vinegar flavoured crisps, before showing a handful of milk chocolate buttons.

The clip cuts to show the salt and vinegar ‘Bar of Crisps’ – which is designed similarly to a crisp packet, with a green and black colour scheme.

The post has gone viral on TikTok (Picture: Jam Press)

Users had mixed reactions to the quirky combo.

“I always liked sweet chilli sensations with chocolate,” one viewer commented.

Another person added: “Yesss! I’ve been doing this since I was a kid everyone said I was so odd.” [sic]

“Nooooooo omg,” someone else wrote. [sic]

One person said: “Oh my god a dream come true!!!”

“I’ve found my people,” another viewer added.

Someone else simply commented: “NO.”

Maria said of the reaction: “I love how much recognition [the bars] have received, but I feel hurt when people leave horrible comments for no good reason.

Maria pours chocolate using a ladle into a 'bar' mould with crisps.
Some of her other flavours include cheese and onion, as well as salt and vinegar (Picture: Jam Press)

“It’s my job to educate people and most of the comments are positive.

“I’m keen to try chilli and lime flavour or bacon next.”

The ‘Bar of Crisps’ can be purchased from Chocolate Moments UK for £4.99.