Artists share incredible MINIATURE MARVELS – from minuscule villages to petite pizzas

From people running across fields of sushi, to roast dinners fit for a hamster – this is art, on a teeny level.
A woman looks in between a tiny flower stall.
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Artists have created incredible pieces of miniature marvels set to blow your mind – with stunning images showing off the intricate work.

From a recreation of The Beatles playing an exclusive set with guitars and drums that measure mere millimetres to a minuscule flower stall and a pocket-size roast dinner, this is art – but on a teeny, tiny surface.

Thirty artists have taken part in the exhibition which includes 130 pieces and 80 photos in total, with several having been inspired by history or cities across the globe.

The Beatles in Lego form play the drums and a guitar.
The tiny haircuts are enough to make any Lego character swoon (Picture: Jam Press)

One such piece is a small rendition of Tokyo by Christopher Robin Nordström, with the bustling city experienced on a whole new level.

Another artist, Esha Kiran Bijutkar, has chosen to focus on food fit for a hamster, including a small pizza, complete with specks of red onion and mushrooms, as well as a roast dinner and sweet treats ample for an ant.

Meanwhile, in a rather distorted manner, a yellow and blue petrol station called ‘Rocket Wash’ by Tristan Blondeau stands proudly atop a rotten globe of soil.

Lisa Swerling decided to make a statement with her miniature sculpture of the iconic Princess Leia, who is holding a red sign that reads “A woman’s place is in the resistance” while her hand rests on her hip.

Another particularly unusual setting by artist Minimiam shows petite sculptures playing in a field of sushi.

A tiny roast chicken dinner with roast potatoes.
Tiny roast dinners ample for an ant were put on display (Picture: Jam Press)

This miniature form of artwork is believed to originate from Egyptian times, having inspired countless artists – and more recently, taking social media by storm.

One of the artists, London-based photographer Slinkachu, uses everyday objects to recreate miniature real-life situations and has over 180,000 dedicated Instagram followers.

One of his installations includes a serpent attacking a little girl and her mother from a green shoelace in a puddle.

“One of the main purposes of the show is to be able to give the public the chance to discover miniature art in real life,” said director of the exhibition, Serge Victoria.

“There is a difference between looking at an Instagram post and getting ‘inside the screen’ by seeing the work up close and personal.”

A miniature hotel stands in front of a blue sky.
Discover luxury hotels on a whole new level (Picture: Jam Press)

The artists are based across the globe; from France, UK, USA, Belgium, Sweden, Bosnia, Germany, The Netherlands, Ukraine, Italia, Peru, Iran and India.

The ‘Small is Beautiful’ art exhibition will take place on 15 April at 81 Old Brompton Road.