Meet the fashionista rabbit with a £7,500 wardrobe who works with celebrities

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A rabbit has become an internet star sharing its $10,000 wardrobe – and his funky outfits have even caught the attention of celebrities.

Guava, from Los Angles, California, has a walk-in closet far more luxurious than most humans.

The four-year-old grey Netherland dwarf bunny has hundreds of outfits and accessories, and is one of the best-dressed pets on the planet.

Guava has a wide range of looks (Picture: Jam Press)

Owner Bella Ewens, 31, loves to shower her pampered bunny with lavish goods and while they only cost on average $15 a pop, the total quickly racks up.

Each morning, she dresses Guava in a fashionable look, ranging from raincoats to hoodies with retro glasses.

One of Guava’s stand-out looks includes a Queen Elizabeth II-inspired headscarf and glasses ensemble.

Once the outfit is complete, the influencer pops her fur baby on her bed sharing his latest look with his 413,000 followers on Instagram (@bunnydayoff).

Stylish and talented (Picture: Jam Press)

And if they head outside, the owner will carry the animal around Hollywood in a see-through backpack to ensure the fashion is always visible.

“I have always had an affinity to dress my rabbits,” Isabella, who also has another bunny named Bubble and fosters rabbits regularly too, told Jam Press.

“I have always found them so cute and adorable when given a sort of human persona.

“It is a way for us humans to relate to our pets across a totally different species and I have always enjoyed that.

Guava’s Queen Elizabeth II number (Picture: Jam Press)

“Just like the human modelling world, I often try out a combination of concepts until I find, ‘the look.

“That look is what they will walk down the runway.

“But, behind the scenes, we have lots of fun with lots of different combinations of outfits.”

Despite his viral following, Guava hasn’t let fame get to his head and often shares his envious wardrobe with other rescue rabbits Bella has fostered before putting up for adoption.

His strawberry blonde sister Bubble often makes an appearance on social media but Guava remains the star of the show.

Another headscarf look (Picture: Jam Press)

Bella said: “I have not dressed my bunnies with any particular character in mind. I just go with the flow.

“I particularly love the backpack scenes that I have done.

“There’s something about the adorable concept of giving my pet a safe and padded enclosure through which to view the world and I love how the pictures and videos have come out for those items.

“The backpack lets them transport in plush style.

“We always try to keep them trendy.”

Guava’s model good looks have even seen him rub shoulders with celebrities, doing TikTok duets and collaborating with big names like the Jonas Brothers and YouTuber David Dobrik.

Bella, who runs animal clothing website Pawsmood, shares her incredible bunny world, including snaps of Guava’s and Bubble’s styles, on Instagram and people love the fabulous animals.

The classic gangster get-up (Picture: Jam Press)

“Awww how cute,” wrote one user.

Another person said: “So adorable!!!!”

A third social media user added: “Oh my god her face is so smooshy I love it!!!” [sic]

However, some people have slammed the owner for dressing her pets up.

One social media user said: “Disgusting!!! This is abuse!”

A second person added: “This is just animal cruelty and you better not own pets.

“They are still animals and not dolls!!! Just terrible what some people do to animals.”