Woman leaves TikTok in shock after using store make-up TESTERS to get ready

Amira has used the technique her whole life…
Amira poses in black heels and a beige dress.
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A woman has gone viral on TikTok after revealing she uses public testers on her face to get ready – with people calling her ‘unhygienic’.

Amira Saskia, a social media manager from London, has received mixed responses online after sharing her controversial make-up method.

The 18-year-old considers beauty shops “mobile make-up collections”, free to use whenever she pleases.

Amira poses with make-up while wearing a black blazer.
Amira has used the savvy-technique her whole life (Picture: Jam Press)

Amira recently decided to share how she paints her face using products found lying around shop counters across the capital.

In one clip, which has received 7.3 million views and racked up 931,000 likes, she begins by applying a NARS branded concealer.

After applying lipstick and contour, the final look is complete – and she does it all without getting caught.

In another video, which has received 1.1 million views and 112,000 likes, she starts with basic skincare before proceeding to make-up using free samples dotted around Harrods.

Amira begins by applying a La-Mer moisturiser, before test matching her perfect foundation shade from NARS.

Using the temporary application brushes and wands available to the public, Amira appears unbothered about hygiene.

As she applies contour, a member of staff offers a helping hand, despite her questionable actions.

The video has racked up 7.3 million views (Picture: Jam Press)

Users have been quick to share their concerns and many are very worried about the potential consequences.

“Omg if those r testers…I’m praying for ur skin,” one viewer commented. [sic]

Another person added: “This is unsanitary.”

“It’s giving pink eye & cold sores lol,” someone else wrote. [sic]

One viewer commented: “They did this study and found fecal matter in testers lol.” [sic]

But not everyone was opposed to the idea.

“These [videos] make me happy,” another viewer added.

Amira applies lipstick wearing a black robe.
She believes the videos work great as a marketing method for her own brand (Picture: Jam Press)

Someone else said: “I’m convinced if you do anything with confidence, people don’t question you.”

Amira has defended her actions by saying that she “likes to experiment” with make-up and has rarely suffered any skin complications.

“Some say they love my confidence and others say it’s unhygienic – but as long as I have a good primer, I don’t care,” Amira told Jam Press.

“Most of the time staff admire my confidence and I make connections with them by asking for advice on my make-up.

“Five times out of ten, I end up buying something.

“It’s pointless [though] as there’s hundreds of make-up shops I can use everyday.

“I’ve been doing this my whole life as I don’t see it as a shop.

“I can use [them] at any time, to do any look I want, to get ready in minimal time.

Amira applies concealer while wearing a white, fluffy coat.
She doesn’t care about being ‘unhygienic’ as she hasn’t had any issues so far (Picture: Jam Press)

“I have never let hate bother me, because if they don’t know me personally – why would I take it personal?”

Amira even has a beauty brand of her own – a hair oil dubbed Drop of Gold, with her racking up record sales since going viral.

She added: “Any publicity is good publicity and just from that video, I sold 941 bottles of my hair oil in just a day, which is insane.

“Yes, some people scroll past the video and think I’m embarrassing myself, but I see a genius strategy of selling my oil and growing my following.”