Inside creepy abandoned funeral home with dried HUMAN BLOOD in buckets

Sonny recalls feeling like someone was going to reach out and grab him…
A casket lays covered with dust.
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An urban explorer has shared a morbid discovery that has gone viral on TikTok – an abandoned funeral home with dried human blood left inside discarded buckets.

Sonny, 25, from the US, recently discovered the deserted facility in an undisclosed location [please see editor’s notes] and spent three hours delving into the creepy past of this building.

Inside, he found several creepy remnants of the property’s past including an untouched embalming room with a stretcher already laid out and ready for its next guest.

A white stretcher with a red plastic bag on top, with rusted cabinets and props.
Sonny believes the place was abandoned in the early 2000s (Picture: Jam Press)

Elsewhere, there are chairs and show caskets set up in the lobby and upstairs, an entire kitchen has been left intact.

Other unusual things left behind include 1970s radios, prop heads, decorative flowers and religious items, such as crosses.

Sonny shared a video of the exploration on TikTok, where it has since racked up 5.5 million views and over 267,000 likes.

“Embalming rooms looked operational and the lobby emulated a real funeral,” Sonny told Jam Press.

“The nature of decay here was some of the best I’d ever seen and the most haunting for sure.

“Cobwebs were almost everywhere and couches for patrons looked like they were dissolving into nothing.

“So much was left behind here and I honestly couldn’t believe it.

“Seeing [upstairs] really took me back in time, which was super unexpected.

Sonny with a mask over his face in front of an apartment block.
He explored the home with his girlfriend and found some spooky activity (Picture: Jam Press)

“There was lots of black mould and you could visibly see dust flying around – definitely a place you don’t want to be in without a mask.”

In the TikTok clip, Sonny begins by showing the embalming room, which has a sign on the door that reads: “DANGER, NO SMOKING EATING OR DRINKING.’

As he enters inside, a red disposal bag sits atop a white stretcher, with rust and decay forming across the walls.

A bucket with red blood-like residue hangs from the base and a shirt and tie is placed on the wall, with other discarded items found scattered below.

Unused surgical tape, cleaning solution and hydrogen peroxide, as well as ‘cover-up’ spray paint sits within the rusted cabinet.

“Freaky that it’s straight up someone’s blood in that bucket,” one viewer commented.

Sonny received 5.5 million views on the eerie exploration (Picture: Jam Press)

Another person added: “They haven’t left.”

“Plz tell me was the bucket with blood real,” someone else wrote. [sic]

One viewer said: “I wonder how it smells there.”

“It’s so scary but cool,” another person commented.

Based on death records, Sonny estimates that the building was last in use during 1947 – but says that the home was abandoned in the 2000s.

Although it’s unclear why, it’s believed that after the funeral director passed away there was no family to take over the business which ultimately led to its closure.

Sonny explored the building with his girlfriend and although he wasn’t focused on looking for any paranormal activity, he felt an eerie atmosphere.

Sonny said: “From the moment we stepped inside, I felt completely on edge – it was truly one-of-a-kind.

“I thought someone was going to come out of the darkness and try to grab me.

“You could feel a sense of sadness in the air and just an overall depressing vibe.

“I wish I brought my paranormal investigation gear, because I would have definitely captured something here.”

A shirt and tie hang on the wall with other items scattered across the floor below.
Clothes to dress its lifeless customers, still hang from the walls (Picture: Jam Press)

Although many viewers are intrigued as to where these locations can be found, Sonny prefers to keep the addresses private.

He added: “Unfortunately, giving out locations can lead to them becoming vandalised and eventually torn down.

“Exploring locations like an abandoned funeral home is amazing, as it makes me feel like I’m in a movie or video game.

“It’s always interesting to see a different side of things, or behind the scenes that people don’t normally get to experience.

“Just remember if you want to start doing this, be aware of the risks and stay safe.

“Most importantly, always get out and explore more.”