‘It’s Easter and sex in one recipe’: OnlyFans model shares aphrodisiac dish she swears by to improve your sex drive

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An OnlyFans model and former Hell’s Kitchen participant has shared her ultimate recipe for a sweet treat to get more people having sex over Easter.

Cândida Batista, who is originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, but now lives in Vienna, is a strong believer in using food to spice up the bedroom activities.

The chef, who has graced the cover of Playboy, has nearly 60,000 followers on Instagram, where she shares saucy photos of herself alongside her cooking skills.

And this Easter, she wants her fans to get freaky with a special recipe for Semana Santa, a braided brioche that will allegedly get your libido going.

“We have sex and Easter holidays in the same recipe,” Cândida, who took part in Gordon Ramsay’s Portugal edition of Hell’s Kitchen, told Jam Press.

‘OnlyFans most famous chef’ also recommends that you bake the dish in the nude or lingerie, to add another sprinkle of excitement to your everyday life.

Cândida regularly cooks in just her lingerie (Picture: Jam Press)


– One egg
– One egg yolk beaten with two tablespoons of milk (for brushing)
– 250ml slightly heated milk
– 375g wheat
– 60g sugar
– 1/2 cube or 21g of fresh yeast
– 50g butter
– A pinch of salt

Cândida’s braided brioche (Picture: Jam Press)


Cândida said: “To make the recipe is simple.

“Prepare a dough with the yeast, two spoons of wheat and three spoons of milk. Let it ferment.

“Then combine all the ingredients except the butter, which goes at the end of 10 minutes beating all the other ingredients in the mixer until smooth and smooth.

“Cover and let double in size.

“Divide into three equal portions, making a roll with each of them to form a lock. Let it rest.

“Brush with yolk and egg mixture. Sprinkle with granulated sugar.

“Bake at 180 degrees for about 35 minutes.”

What you do after eating the stimulating dish… well, that’s up to you.