Man who has spent £12,000 on extreme body modification cuts EARS into BATS

Renato hopes to turn into the devil…
Renato sticks out his split tongue with his cropped ears and tattooed face.
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A man who has spent nearly £12,000 on body modifications has revealed his latest transformation: bat-shaped ears.

Renato De Santa, a tattoo artist from Brazil, made headlines last year after revealing his gruesome body modification which saw the flesh around his mouth peeled back.

In a bid to achieve a ‘demon’ look, the modification addict has also had his eyeballs tattooed black and split his tongue in half like a snake.

Renato with black eyes, tattoos and horns while wearing a checkered shirt.
He’s spent nearly £12,000 on his modified look (Picture: Jam Press)

Now, the 41-year-old has taken his transformation to the next level, turning himself into a real life “Batman” – quite literally, by cutting his ears into the shape of bats.

Despite his unique look, Renato believes that women find him sexy, not scary and that many have a fetish for his changes.

“[My modifications] don’t interfere negatively in my love life, because I surround myself with people who are adept to my culture,” Renato told Jam Press.

“Nowadays, there is still prejudice and sometimes I get offensive messages on the internet.

“But that doesn’t worry me.

Renato with the '666' branding on the side of his head, with stretched ear lobes.
His most painful modification to date, was his ‘666’ scarification (Picture: Jam Press)

Renato began his love of body modifications in 1996 and soon set up his own studio, where he turned his passion into a full-time career.

He believes that 65% of his body is now covered in tattoos and modifications, and has spent $15,000 (£11,509) to date on his daring look.

As he’s keen to protest against the church and become one with his spiritual self, the budding rapper also has ‘666’ transcribed into the side of his head, along with implanted horns.

Renato recently had his mouth cut back to his ears to achieve a ‘demon smile’ (Picture: Jam Press)

He added: “I started to modify my body with the intention of externalising the art that I have in my spirit.

“So far I’ve spent in the range of $15,000 with all the modifications, not counting what I’ve already spent on tattoos and piercings that I no longer have.

“My last procedure was the cuts in my ear to leave it in the shape of a bat ear.

Renato's ear which is cut into the shape of a bat with stitches.
Renato says that women ‘fetishise’ his look and aren’t scared of him (Picture: Jam Press)

“The most painful modification is between the cut tongue and the scarification on my head.

“My intention is to free minds and show that we can be who we want, while respecting the space of our fellow men.”