‘I dropped out of school for OnlyFans and now I’m a millionaire – but my parents don’t approve’ says teen

Faith has racked in the cash after just a year on the site
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A teenager has shared why she dropped out of college for OnlyFans and has already made her first million – and it only took her a year.

Faith Leanne, 19, from Florida, US, has put higher education behind her in the hunt for internet fame.

But the choice has come at a high personal cost, with the model claiming her parents kicked her out of their home when they found out.

Faith has only been on the adult-content platform for just over a year (Picture: Jam Press)

Faith took the plunge to join the adult platform in March 2021 and is now a teenage millionaire, splashing her cash on designer handbags and a $15,000 Rolex.

She’s also invested in property, purchasing a $800,000 house, which she had customised for an additional $150,000.

“I love that OnlyFans has allowed me to afford this lifestyle,” the model, who has 4.8 million followers on Instagram (@imfaithxo), told Jam Press.

“I bought a new house for $800,000 and got myself a Rolex, YSL and Gucci purses and a Louis Vuitton bag.

“I also spend about $1,000 every fortnight on new clothes for Instagram or OnlyFans pictures.

“I never wear the same thing twice.”

The teen has millions of fans on Instagram (Picture: Jam Press)

Faith enrolled for a business degree at college but after the first term decided to pack it in for internet stardom.

However, the news didn’t go down well with her parents at first.

Faith claims she was kicked out of the family home and moved in with her brother, Anthony, who later became her manager – and who she says “supports her 100%”.

She said: “When I applied to college, I didn’t have a specific career path in mind.

“These days, being a graduate seems so bleak with no guarantees that you’ll get a successful job.

“I don’t come from a wealthy family and I didn’t want to start my life with debt from student loans.

“When I sat my parents down and showed them the reality of the situation [my OnlyFans] and told them I didn’t want to continue my degree, they were extremely upset.  

“I tried to explain to them that having a degree no longer equates to the success it did when they were younger.  

“They gave me an ultimatum: continue studying or not living under their roof.

“So I moved in with my brother and he’s been helping me promote my OnlyFans – we’re a good team.

“And if it doesn’t work out, I can always re-enroll.”

She decided to ditch college after finding internet stardom more lucrative (Picture: Jam Press)

Speaking about her decision to ditch higher education for becoming a content creators, Faith’s mum, 48, told Jam Press: “I was devastated when Faith said she was dropping out of college.  

“I thought she would have a job not better than a cashier somewhere as that was my reality when I didn’t attend college myself.”

Thankfully, the model has since made up with her parents, who are now retired and live with her.

Faith’s career choice has been a very lucrative one.

Within just 12 months, she has already raked in so much cash she can now call herself a millionaire – and she has no plans to quit anytime soon.

Unlike most teenagers working long hours for minimum wage, she spends just three hours a day taking pictures and videos for her page.

Faith has legions of fans on both OnlyFans and Instagram who are obsessed with her envious curves, even counting celebrities like Snoop Dogg and Tyga as followers.

Faith added: “The plan is to make this my main line of work for as long as I can.”