‘That’s got thrush written all over it’: Shoppers ridicule skimpy Shein swimsuit

It doesn’t scream comfort
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With summer just around the corner, many of us are on the hunt for our 2022 holiday beachwear.

But if it’s comfort you’re after, you may want to steer clear of Shein’s latest baffling swimsuit.

Shein’s SXY Rhinestone Studded One Piece Swimsuit has been likened to a “cheese wire” by shoppers due to its skimpy nature – leaving social media users scratching their heads.

It doesn't scream comfort
Shoppers have questioned the comfort of Shein’s latest swimsuit (Picture: Jam Press)

The £7.99 one piece features a small thin strip from the crotch, running across the torso before extra material is added to cover the chest.

With holiday season fast approaching, the online fashion giant recently added the swimsuit to its collection.

Social media users have been quick to slam the swimwear as impractical.

One Facebook user joked: “Would need to get the hedge cutters out.”

A second person exclaimed: “That’s got thrush written all over it.”

A third social media user wrote: “Oh no. Crotch Wedgie.”

It even mirrors the design with a thong the other side (Picture: Jam Press)

“Ummmm where the hell are her bits!?,” asked a fourth baffled customer. [sic]

Someone else simply wrote:”Owwwww…..” [sic]

Another person joked: “The world has enough to deal with right now without having to see me in that. I think I’ll do my part and not subject anyone to that vision.”

Likening it to the infamous mankini in the hit 2006 film Borat, another person added: “A female ”Borat”fashion?”