‘I’m a Yorkshire pudding ADDICT – I eat at least 7,300 every YEAR,’ says Brit, 25

He thinks they’re gravy
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A dad is in the running to become the UK’s biggest Yorkshire pudding addict – having eaten around 146,000 over his lifetime, and he’s only 25 years old.

Jake Farrar, from Middlesbrough, is such a fan of the northern delicacy that he sometimes has it for breakfast, lunch and dinner, chomping down on up to 30 a day.

He’s been a fan for as long as he can remember, and says he had to be capped by his parents during dinner times as a child.

Jake loves munching down dozens of Aunt Bessie’s a week (Picture: Jam Press)

The dad-of-two says Aunt Bessie’s are his absolute favourite but when he was unable to get the product during the pandemic, Jake taught himself how to make them at home [see recipe in fact box below].

While the dish is traditionally served with roast meat and gravy as part of a Sunday roast, Jake says his Yorkshires are just as enjoyable with baked beans, jam and even ice cream.

Unable to kick his craving, the Timpson worker averages around 20 of the puddings a day, amounting to 7,300 each year.

“I absolutely love them they are the food of the gods,” Jake told Jam Press.

“There are days where I have them with every meal. My wife thinks I’m mad.

“I have them every day.

“If I’m ever ill, my wife will make them for me. She won’t let me go without if I couldn’t do them myself.

“Sometimes I might just sit and have them all in one meal.

“I can have up to around 20 in one sitting. It’s just when I don’t fancy anything else.

“I feel completely fine after. I absolutely love them.”

He has an entire freezer dedicated to his favourite food (Picture: Jam Press)

The self-confessed Yorkshire pudding expert is able to spot a bad Yorkie a mile off, sharing an interesting detail about where to get the best, and worst, ones.

Jake added: “When I’m eating out the rule tends to be the posher the restaurant, the worse the Yorkshire.

“The best ones eating out are the Toby Carvery.

“I always have to ask nicely to get them to put extra on my plate.”

After finding his dedicated Yorkshire pudding freezer empty during lockdown, Jake decided to teach himself how to make the good stuff, sharing his recipe below.

The dad-of-two recently went viral on TikTok sitting with his step-mum Tracy and his 18-month-old daughter round the dinner table, with his plate piled up with Yorkshires.

The video has racked up over one million views, with social media users in awe of his love for the food.

He thinks they're gravy
Jake recently went viral on TikTok with his plate full of Yorkshire puddings (Picture: Jam Press)

One social media user said: “It’s not easy watching someone else live your dream.”

A second person commented: “Omg I’m jealous.”

“How many Yorkshires do you actually need [sic]”, added a third TikToker.

A fourth person wrote: “Omg! that dinner would seriously last me out 2 days easily or mayb 3 [sic]”

A fifth social media user said: “Yes mate! Looks like an amazing roast.”

Jake’s homemade recipe for the perfect Yorkshire pudding
(makes 24 small Yorkshire puddings)

120g plain flour
3 eggs
Sunflower oil
180ml milk
Garlic salt

1. Heat oven to 210 (ours is a fan so may need to adjust for yours). Grab two 12-hole Yorkshire pudding trays and put a small amount of oil in each hole then place in the oven to heat.

2. Add 120g plain flour into a bowl and beat eggs until it’s smooth.

3. Add 180ml of milk slowly and beat until there is no lumps left in the bowl and add a pinch of garlic salt and pepper (the salt helps to make a better hole on the Yorkshire)

4. Remove the hot tins from the oven and evenly add the mix to each hole using a ladle (pouring directly in the middle of the hole helps with the shape)

5. Put straight back into the oven whist still hot for 20 to 25 min or until nice and golden but do not open the door until they are done as that can stop them rising.

6. Remove them and serve.