Bizarre fish that resembles a pair of testicles leaves Instagram users bemused

Roman left nothing to the imagination with this catch…
The white, bobbly fish is held by a glove.
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Social media users’ imaginations have been left running wild after a video of a fish shaped like a pair of testicles surfaced online.

Roman Fedortsov, 39, a fisherman and photographer from Murmansk, Russia, is known for sharing all the weird and wonderful sea creatures he discovers while out at sea.

Previously, he’s shared a clip of a fish which resembles a vagina and now he’s shared a video of one which looks almost identical to a pair of testicles.

A fish which looks like a baby dragon is held up.
Previously, he’s shocked viewers with a ‘baby dragon’ lost at sea (Picture: Jam Press)

In the clip, which has received 363,000 views and over 10,000 likes, he shows off the slimy and scaly texture of the sea creature.

Instagram users were quick to share their thoughts on what this erotic-shaped animal resembled.

“The forbidden fleshlight,” one viewer commented.

Another person added: “Dear reader: you don’t need to call them.”

“Chill, my girlfriend is looking over my shoulder,” someone else wrote.

One viewer said: “I thought it was a raw chicken breast.”

Users were quick to share how much the toy resembled something far more suspicious (Picture: Jam Press)

“Okay this one is clearly a sextoy,” another person added.

In the post’s caption, he writes: “And such ‘unusual’ representatives of the underwater world are caught in the trawler…”

Roman has also come across a “baby dragon” in the depths of the Norwegian Sea, as well as one-eye fish, which shocked his 651,000 followers.