Hilarious moment neighbour making noise complaint asks for party invitation

Jess and David have now fulfilled their wish by partying together…
David points to the door while on the balcony
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A woman has gone viral after sharing a hilarious clip of her downstairs neighbour, who she thought was coming over to complain about noise – but he had a very different request.

Jess Pearson shared the interaction, filmed on her doorbell camera, which followed a party she’d had the previous night.

As her downstairs neighbour approached the door, dressed in a sweatshirt that appeared to have blood on it (it was actually tie dye), she expected to receive a simple complaint.

David stands on the front door balcony
Jess saw her neighbour through her doorbell camera (Picture: Jam Press)

However, the man, believed to be named David Trautz, was actually bothered about the fact that he hadn’t received an invite/

The clip has racked up 4.8 million views and over 349,000 likes on Twitter so far.

At first, David can be seen waiting outside her front door, as Jess asks for his name.

He proceeds to ask: “Were you doing anything last night?” before saying: “You guys got loud as st last night, normally I wouldn’t make it a problem – but next time, invited your f*ing neighbour dude.”

Jess proceeds to laugh before saying: “I got you, I got a shot for you next time.”

The neighbour gives his apartment location as she apologises for being “too loud”.

Users took to the comments to share their reaction to the unexpected interaction.

“He really said: ‘y’all partying with me tho??” one person wrote. [sic]

The hilarious clip has been viewed millions of times (Picture: Jam Press)

Another viewer added: “This takes courage…invite him next time. It never hurts to have more white fwends.” [sic]

“The type of neighbor I aspire to have,” someone else said.

One person added: “Awe you could tell he was anxious, making friends as an adult is hard asf man, I feel that.” [sic]

“I envy extroverts cuz imagine actually getting out of your apartment to go do this,” another viewer commented. [sic]

David stands on the front door balcony with a hoodie and trousers on
The two have now been pictured partying together (Picture: Jam Press)

People quickly became eager for an update and Jess didn’t disappoint, as she shared a clip of the two drinking shots together the next day.

In the tweet, she wrote: “Fast forward to us hanging out! Definitely gets the coolest neighbor award.”