‘I’ve had FIVE boob jobs and spent $100,000 on my chest – I still want more work done,’ says surgery addict forced to remove implants TWICE after complications

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A surgery addict who has spent $100,000 to get her “perfect” cup size has revealed she’s still not happy with the shape of her breasts – as she prepares to go under the knife again.

Flavia Oliver, 30, who lives in São Paulo, Brazil, but is frequently jetting off to Europe on luxurious holidays, got her first boob job in 2012.

Since then, the model has seen herself back in the operating theatre five times but is still not satisfied with the result.

It’s been a harrowing journey, with Flavia having complications multiple times and even being forced to remove the implants twice.

Despite the issues and hefty medical expenses, the mum-of-one still plans to have more work done.

Flavia has undergone five surgeries to try and get perfect breasts(Picture: Jam Press)

“My first surgery was when I was 20 years old,” she told Jam Press.

“My body was very straight; I had no breasts.

“Then I had my daughter and decided to put in silicone, 350ml at the time, but there was a problem with them and I had to remove the implants, and go without for a while.

“A few months later, I had another surgery to get my breasts back but I didn’t like it.

“I had gone with a smaller size and they didn’t look pretty.

“It was horrible, I could barely look at myself in the mirror.

“The recovery period is pretty bad, you need help with everything. You can barely do things on your own.

“It was very complicated, even more so because I had problems several times.

“But, as I have always wanted symmetrical breasts, it was worth going through it.”

The model currently has 600ml implants (Picture: Jam Press)

Two years later, the model who has 14,600 followers on Instagram (@flavia_oliverofc), went under the knife for the third time.

Unfortunately, there were issues with the implants once again and she had to have another explant surgery.

“I did the operation with a doctor who charged me a cheaper rate.

“There was a problem and again, I had to take them out. I was told to rest for three months to avoid an infection.

“Then I was back on the table again.”

Flavia now wants to change her implants to give her “pear shaped” breasts (Picture: Jam Press)

Although the fourth surgery went well, a year later, the model decided she still wasn’t happy with the look of her breasts – deciding to go even bigger, with 600ml implants this time.

She said: “I wanted my breasts bigger and a year later, I ended up having another surgery.

“Now, I love my breasts but they’re not symmetrical.

“I intend to change the implants again, I want a pear shape and a smaller size.

“I have had a lot of complications with my surgeries, which I’ve never talked about before and it’s been very difficult, but the moment passes.

“You get over it.

“Every woman wants nice breasts, it’s our priority. And everyone looks for symmetry, even though doctors say it doesn’t exist – but I’ll get as close as I can.”