‘I’ve helped 100 men give up casual sex for good,’ says former Page 3 girl and mum – sharing red flags to look out for in love rats and f***boys

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A woman who previously made headlines after getting a penis measurement tattoo has shared her top tips on spotting a f***boy on dating apps.

Tracy Kiss, 34, from Buckinghamshire, has spent the last couple of years convincing men to change their ways having qualified as a relationship coach during the pandemic.

And her advice has seen over 100 potential heartbreakers giving up on the “sleeping around” lifestyle – earning her the title ‘F***boy Fixer’ amongst her friends.

Pictured: Tracy Kiss

Amongst the red flags to look out for are men pushing your phone number soon after you’ve matched – as that indicates they want you away from the app so you don’t track their activity.

Another key sign is if a man has no social media presence.

This, Tracy says, is a possible sign they have a wife, children or lead a completely different lifestyle.

And if the chat moves over to WhatsApp, be sure to check if his online status is hidden as it signifies a lack of openness and honesty.

“We are all human and nobody is perfect – whether you see a hillside of red flags or have minor issues, honest communication is key,” Tracy told Jam Press.

“But in life men feel that they need to be the protectors, providers and alpha male which is an enormous amount of pressure which often forces them to fake it until they make it.

Pictured: Tracy Kiss

“Openness and honesty should be the foundation of getting to know somebody.

“Something that makes my heart stop is men sharing pictures on their profile which were taken by their ex-partner, such as at a dinner table or lying in bed.

“Such intimate memories shouldn’t be used to try to move forward, simply take some new photos and leave the past in the past.”

But despite the red flags, Tracy, who is a self-confessed sapiosexual – someone who finds intelligence arousing – says men can change but only if they own up to their ways first.

She learnt this in the run-up to becoming a relationship coach.

After breaking up with her cheating ex-boyfriend, a heartbroken Tracy decided to dip her toe back into the world of online dating.

But she started to quickly spot a pattern in their way of thinking, to that of her ex.

Tracy – who is also a yoga instructor – spent hours acting as a therapist to these men before they successfully changed their ways.

Pictured: Tracy Kiss

She added: “Anything and everything can be fixed if it is broken.

“The problem must first be identified, followed by the ideal solution and the steps to bridge the two to set growth in motion.

“When I started online dating, I noticed these men leading extraordinary similar lifestyles to that of my ex.

“The chat was surprisingly the same, the red-flag behaviours were the same and I suddenly found myself organically applying my skillset to their behaviours, recognising their toxic traits and politely suggesting solutions.

“When men would tell me they hate their ex and never want to see them again, I found myself coaxing out of them their deep emotions of love and mourning, suggesting that they were not over them and any interactions with women would simply be a rebound.

“The thing is hurt people only ever hurt more people.

Pictured: Tracy Kiss

“I must have told at least 100 men that they shouldn’t use dating apps under the pretence of looking for love when their intention was only to sleep around and have fun for the foreseeable future.

“A lot of relationship problems stem from immaturity and negative past experiences which can certainly be addressed, overcome and prevented from reoccurring.

“Negative behaviour chains can be broken, but only if a f***boy wants to change.”

And for a healthy relationship, women should refrain from thinking the worst.

Tracy added: “We are so quick to jump to presumptions and instantly become defensive about the worst-case scenario, switching to a negative mindset and causing tension when it needn’t be the case

The dating expert made headlines in recent months for her unusual tattoos – which measure the length and girth of penises to “celebrate a partner for every inch of who they are rather than what they pretend to be”.

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