‘Children run away from me in the street and people tell me I’m a freak,’ reveals extreme body modification addict with forehead HORNS, nose plugs and countless tattoos

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A body modification addict who has a tattooed face, silicone horns and nose plugs says they love their look despite it scaring children in the street.

Jessy Kirkpatrick, 26, from Kansas, US, who is non-binary, first began altering their body 10 years ago, adding two 20mm nostril plugs, a stretched septum and ears, as well as 16 piercings.

They also have a stretched tongue piercing, full blackout mandala neck tattoo, and two large face tattoos.

To top it all off, Jessy has silicone horn implants on their forehead.

Pictured: Jessy Kirkpatrick

Despite being a fan of their look, the proofreader says they get stared at in their hometown, with locals pointing and laughing as well as mums running away with their children.

Jessy has seen a warmer reception on TikTok (@thesicklyvampire) where they share an insight into their extreme modifications.

“I have people telling me I’m hideous and I belong in a freak show – the usual cruel comments,” Jessy told Jam Press.

“I live in a very conservative state and I’ve had women run away with their children, women talking behind my back, men asking crude questions because they’re creeps, people laughing at me in stores, people taking photos without asking permission while I’m out shopping.

“Children either like me because they’re curious, or they’re rude and scared.

“It can be an entirely different story when it comes to what I post online.

“People call me an inspiration.

Pictured: Jessy Kirkpatrick

“Then there are the creeps that blow up my message box with sexual comments and fetishes.”

With dozens of modifications on their face, Jessy says their nose was the most painful to do.

They added: “The most painful one I would have to say are my nostril punches.

“When I got them punched, they were one of the most painful things I had ever experienced.

“What was worse than hearing the crush when they shoved through the dermal tool in my nose was the large amounts of blood that kept pouring out on the guy’s floor and choking on it for a few seconds.

“After that, the most painful part was when they took a gauge to shove through the hole, they created with the dermal tool to fit the jewellery through.”

Jessy uploads videos on TikTok about their experience with body modification, with their lifestyle choice frequently attracting comments from users.

One TikToker said: “I love your entire vibe! the gauges, the horns, the tattoos!! I love it, you’re so cool.”

A second person added: “OMG YOU LOOK AMAZING.” [sic]

A third social media user said: “You’re so gorgeous.”

Pictured: Jessy Kirkpatrick

But others have been quick to criticise, with one person writing: “I don’t understand why you would want those but to each their own I guess.”

Another person added: “This must be ur Halloween costume lmfao.”[sic]

Despite the abuse they get, the haters don’t bother Jessy, who even has plans to get more modifications and tattoos done.

They added: “Everyone in life is entitled to do what makes them happy, to get where they need to, and to feel like themselves.

“Being different doesn’t make you any less of a person, it just means you have the courage to be yourself despite the hate that people will throw at you.

“I want to get a lot more done.

“I plan on getting my entire body covered in blackout tattoos including my head, tattooing my eyes black, scarification on the sides of my silicone horn implants.

“I also want to get my tongue split, get elf ear modifications and get cheek piercings.”

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