‘We still don’t know what’s in our oceans’: Fish with BULGING eyes leaves Instagram users terrified

The horrifying fish left people questioning our oceans…
The fish is held by a red glove with a yellow bulging eye
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Social media users have been left horrified after an image of a fish with bulging yellow eyes surfaced online.

Roman Fedortsov, 39, a fisherman and photographer from Murmansk, Russia, is known for sharing all the weird and wonderful sea creatures he discovers while out at sea.

Previously, he’s shared a clip of a fish which resembled a sex toy and now he’s shared a picture of one which looks like it’s straight out of a horror film.

A fish is held by a blue glove with has two large eyes and a horn
Roman has come across a “baby dragon” before (Picture: Jam Press)

The terrifying snap, which has received over 9,000 likes, shows the dark scaly fish which has a swollen tongue and bulging yellow eyes.

In the caption, he writes: “As they say: ‘I would look at you when they pull you to the surface from a depth of 1,100 meters.’”

Instagram users were quick to share their reaction to the spooky sea creature.

“What the f**k is that,” one person wrote.

Another person added: “We still don’t know what is in our oceans.”

“My my what big eyes you have grandma…” someone else commented.

A fish is held by a red glove which looks scaly and slimy
In another snap, people believed that fishes had morphed into sex toys (Picture: Jam Press)

One person said: “Looks like its stomach is in its mouth,” followed by three laughing face emojis.

“I wouldn’t eat it,” another person added.

Others felt bad for the fish, saying: “Poor thing…what a pity for them, they lived in the depths, in their own world.”

Roman has also come across a “baby dragon” in the depths of the Norwegian Sea, as well as one-eye fish, which shocked his 651,000 followers.