Hot gran reveals she is flooded with DMs from younger men begging for sexual favours

And she’s not that much of a fan
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A woman dubbed a “hot grandma” has revealed how she gets asked for sexual favours and pictures on her social media from men less than half her age.

Nathalie Gangon, 53, from Quebec, Canada, has been sent X-rated snaps from fans as young as 20, in addition to fetish pics and offers of affairs.

The social media star’s following gathered momentum when she stopped drinking alcohol and started intermittent fasting in 2016 – which she says had a dramatic effect on her health and left her in tip-top shape.

Nathalie has also been compared to a teenager online (Picture: Jam Press)

Her transformation into a super-fit gran has seen people compare her to a teenager online, where she posts videos of herself posing up a storm.

And now Nathalie says her youthful appearance has seen men sliding into her DM’s with sexually charged requests – and she’s not a fan.

Almost daily the gran is sent d*ck pics, requests for threesomes and even photos of followers’ feet.

“I get them from men as young as 20 up through to more mature men – even some from woman too,” Nathalie told Jam Press.

“I am an open-minded woman so I don’t judge, they just try to approach me. But a good sense of humour is the best way to go.

She says she just ignores the X-rated snaps (Picture: Jam Press)

“Some of the strange requests have been offers of a threesome or relationship with married men.

“I totally won’t judge what they like but it is a total turn off.

“There’s often nude pics or asking to chat for sex. I just don’t answer and block people, not answering stupid requests.

“I have to say most of the men are truly respectful, they get to know me on my TikTok live videos and know I will not let anyone disrespect me.

“I like to do sexy content and I feel great in my own skin but they know I don’t tolerate men who go too far.

“For the d*ck pics, I think it is really disrespectful to send this kind of content without asking me if I wish to see it.

“What I do is I just tell them to stop right away. If not, I report and block them.”

Nathalie has garnered plenty of attention online as a result of her impressive looks, with 175,000 followers on TikTok.

And she says she gives fiancé David Poirier, 40 – who she has been with for 13 years – free reign to check her phone in the face of unwanted attention.

Nathalie added: “We communicate a lot and are really close. At first when he was reading what the men were commenting and he did not like it that much. But we had a talk and I asked him if he trusts me.

“He has access to my phone and I never hide anything from him. So it’s not an issue anymore and he is proud of being with me.

“Being a hot grandma did not change anything of who I am inside of me.

“I am a nice kind woman who love to put some smile and also empowered others women.”