‘I love my 30HH breasts but they put me in DANGER,’ says model who wants reduction

Louisa claims that she was harassed at school for her body…
Louisa wears a cable knit white jumper
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A model who makes £50,000 on OnlyFans due to her 30HH breasts hopes to get a breast reduction as she fears for her safety.

Ukrainian model Louisa Khovanski, 28, started suffering with her breasts when she was only nine years old and would often get bullied for their larger than average size.

As an adult, she is in constant pain and feels uncomfortable in anything she wears, and also finds herself unable to do basic cardio.

Louisa wears a checkered thong and white bra.
The model believes she won’t ever be able to become a teacher (Picture: Jam Press)

In October 2019, she joined OnlyFans and although she can make up to £50,000 per month on the site, fears that her future will be tainted due to her natural assets.

Louisa, who boasts 2.5 million followers on Instagram, is now planning on having a breast reduction as she wants to be accepted in society and believes that the procedure is crucial for her own safety.

“I have to wear baggy clothes in my daily life to not put myself in danger,” Louisa told Jam Press.

“I’m not allowed to wear cute tops like other girls, as people around will hate me for my breasts.

Louisa poses with glasses and a blue crop top with angels on
Louisa says she was bullied in school by the teachers due to her breasts (Picture: Jam Press)

“People stare when I’m wearing turtlenecks or t-shirts, so I wear oversized clothes to blend in with other people.

“It’s not my fault that I inherited a big size, but Instagram and YouTube [for example] have a double standard policy, which makes me feel pressured.

“I’ve had random people writing comments such as: ‘all you have is a pair of tits’ – which makes me feel like I’m not worthy.

“I’m [also] compared to Pamela Anderson a lot, but with natural breasts.

Despite raking in £50,000 a month, she wants a reduction to “fit into society” (Picture: Jam Press)

“I’ll consider surgery when I get older to make things a little more convenient.”

While she doesn’t receive many negative comments about her body, she’s been called “stupid” in the past due to her breasts but says the people who leave these comments are “faceless trolls”.

Louisa believes that although she may never become a teacher, her many other talents have helped her to become financially stable.

She said: “Maybe I’ll never be hired as a teacher or for other jobs – but I’ve worked hard to make my life financially stable.

“I’m not doing selfies but instead creating the art of seduction on my OnlyFans.

“I have a free schedule, working from any place and can travel whenever I want, so I don’t think I’ve lost much.”

Louisa poses wearing a black piece of lingerie and a yellow jumper
While she doesn’t receive many negative comments, people have commented that she’s “stupid” (Picture: Jam Press)

At school, she recalls being bullied by teachers who often thought she was a “girl of virtue” and claims that she was harassed for her body, which has left her with trauma.

Now she tries to take pride in her body and doesn’t let anyone define her personality, where she considers herself a “humble person” – and plans to have the reduction for herself, if she goes ahead.

Louisa added: “I’m a very down-to-earth person.

“Keeping in shape is a must and I’ve looked for alternatives [to the gym] like going on a special diet.

“[Most importantly] I have an amazing audience made of people who are very supportive, which I’m so happy about.”